truly, madly, deeply

you loosen up the buttons of my biker jacket as we lay down beneath the skeleton moon while it buries itself behind a catacomb of clouds and i untangle the butterfly stars from the spider web rain as it stutters in the boulevard of your ghostflower eyes, taking a sip of poetry from the torn pages of your citadel of thoughts. this night is an aftershock of whispers in the melody of sirens reverberating upon the chaos of silence.

if you want me turn back the hands of time, we could skip back to that moment when you were in the ocean of my arms and the lullaby of your breathing was the soundtrack of my mornings and as we wake to the scent of yesterday still fresh in our heads, we jump headfirst into the waves of oblivion. scattered musings of forever linger in the debris of my ribs, cocooned like a bird's song at dawn.

i am the midsummer daydream crawling its way into the museum of bones you built inside your head. i tattooed my epitaph upon your back and showed you a map leading towards the winding staircase of my mind and even though you might lose your way, i'll give you a pinky swear and we could always fast-forward to that day when you held me close and promised to kiss my tears away. we watched the sun fall from the rooftop and had conversations about where we were heading when our time was up, not knowing that even now, we couldn't make time stop from plummeting deeper into a void where prayers were all we had left.

our smiles lay frozen in a photograph, our ashes fading faster than the dewdrops when hit by daylight. i witnessed our reveries sink in the river of our lost memories, hoping that one day, we can still spend lazy afternoons in the balcony of my heart while we danced to the rhythm of the wind.