It's true dragons in my world are essentially clones. The tales date back to the first twins. Mirth and Timid. Mirth as her name suggested was happy go lucky and friendly. Timid was quiet always letting her sister speak for her. The twins enjoyed Eseyn wonders and vast caves. It wasn't until they learned about the art of cloning spell. They created nine clones of each other. Determined to make an impression on the forces of good. They themselves and their eighteen "children" fought the vile orcs. Arrows bounced of their hides. Many screamed as their violet fire reduced them to ashes.

The twins and their children impressed the forces of good. The dwarves gave them more land and caves. Again they clones four more versions of themselves. Next they would learn the art of the known family. They had the write to "create" two family members. They made a female cousin Fearless. Fearless and her kind live up to their names always in the fight. Along with an uncle called Educated. His kind would serve as teachers writing books and teaching the younger Mirth's, Timids, and Fearless. A proud settlement was built they called it Hodge.

Hundreds of dragons lived in the realm toiling in the fields. With the rising numbers they signed a charter agreeing to morph into humans. On the terms they could keep their tails and wings. Hodge served well for growing cabbages which they traded with the other races. Interestingly they only ate deer and orc. As the cow provided a much favorite drink milk. While the sheep supported their wool trade. Another settlement would be built. Named Woolholm since it's large sheep farm. Still when war was called they showed their true forms and wrecked havoc on their enemies. Still the dragons live in peace and splendor.