Fire is the licking teardrops of our eyes, as orange yet blue-black, see them move, dancing and caressing your insides. Oh, in that red ocean I can lose, and I feel you being subsummed. Hold my spirit by its tongue. I wanna see you beautiful face once more.

But yet I throb to rhytm of this pulse, feelng the shouts your echo'd thrown.

Prithee; grab me by the hands and feel my dirty love. I ask of you, and beg to your eternal form, to bond your soul to the earth on which we stood.

Know that, the carnal shape of your bod, the heaving throes of your sobs, how I miss them, the moments when you cried shoulder to shoulder, and sometimes through my eyes, into my core.

Then you see that the only fire which I felt, was that in which you and me met; when that token of your profane love, was given to me in the smile of your voice.

Felt aflame, like never before, invigorated and torn from bottom to top. As the desire and your image seared into my soul, I pledged to escape from the hell in which I was flung.

Stripped of skin and bones, I was swirled into wrong contour. And as deformed as I found myself, I couldn't be happier there.

So much different then, that they are the blurry ruddies moments of yours and mine life.

And this I can tell you then, with much regret, that I don't want the blackened tar of your missing days.

To die from this cancering holes, the dry tears that come from that bitter love. I want to know once more the cozy fever-hell of your capricious folds, the thumping melody of our damning love. Come and drag me back. Kill me if you can.

Blaze if you must, our path!

There she stood in my dark dialogue, the woman of my dream in which our entities together dissolved, black and in grey smoke. Telling me to love her just once more.

So a choice I had to make, between reality and illusion, power and delusion.

She heard the thoughts that played in my face, and visibly shaked. Putting her finger to my chin she told that I had nothing to care.

"I am your true soul mate."

I knew the lie and couldn't turn away. Her red red eyes bore into my weaknesses and she had suffocated my protest, shushing in each puff a shout for help.

"Was I to be a ward to you? If I turn to you?"

She tried to allay my symmetric concern, telling me my love have been a fool.

"For what woman falls asleep into my partner arms?"

Yet I worried, to become a warden pet, fed through straw, a gooey face and a creepier smile.

I had fallen to my knees, the demon had me by the ears.

I tried to run away and shout. But the whore fouled my path.

Had to run and hide, into my soul's alcove where no one could trespass.

So driving with the demon slowly growing, moving from whisp to snake and awfully engorging.

Through the streets I tore and arrived at her ward.

I jumped the fence of the hospital and found her room, where moments before the beldam of the beldam, forked her tune.

I lied grasping the door in front of my true love. Sweating tears and feeling lost, she moved her sinister glove.

Crawling in my feet to her bed the demon turned inside me, corrupting each organ one by one, til she arrived to my mind.

My true love then awoke and through bandages saw me there, being enveloped by the ghost of her torment.

I could only feel the sad weight of my tale. To die in similar destiny in front of her. But we hugged and the demons growled, if we were to die, we would die united.

They stomped and shook the earth. The Cigar and Cigarette.

And when me and her woke,

On the inferno the paint started to coil, and I grabbed my bandaged dove.

The bulding rumbled in their wake, as the giants tried to corner our escape.

I couldn't withstand the thought of her loss. I couldn't know this was my fault.

So I faced the strumpet, shouting "whore, whore whore." And the creatures seeing me bleat, went after me my soul.

"How you dare? You filthy moot," questioned Cigarette,

"Ingrateful soot." She said and I ignored, making way for my love and throwing objects to her boots.

She initially yelped, and then from coaly tar turned to smoke. Meanwhile Cigar polluted the room.

With my plan to my mind I turned tail. She and him followed me there.

The time was nearly gone, and once I knew my love was away, I turned to her form.

"Here you have me," I said to Cigarette.

Again into a beautiful womanly shape she fashioned herself. When I rose my eyebrow at this she said.

"This is not for you."

"Oh, and tell me, dear love, was this always your way all along?" She pointed to the fire extinguiser and started to laugh, growing and growing with each guffaw.

I had my heart beating behind my ears. But she started to glow, covering twixt her skin in that shiny black tar. Her powerful huffs pumping each muscle hard.


But she flung her arm and throwed me to the sink, shaking her head from side to side.

Grabbing her partner's hand, they melted into one.

Then while I scampered my hands the two-headed beast said.

"Finally you are ready to die."

I stood there, with the mammoth about to swipe. And facing my fear I said.

"No," and turned the cap.

Upon contact the gas that I and my love flooded the rooms in blazed, and tore from wall to wall.

The explosion wrecked the wretched place and me and Cigarette.


I could see nothing. And I knew nothing. But then I thought.

Gone. My duty was fully and completely gone. My mind and guilt were blank. Everything was done.

The burning ember of my heart was now ash. This a moment, when I would not turn into my grave mad.

Conscience free and liberated. For I had killed the big dark monster that had broken into her helter-slketer.

My love was now then, truly avenged.