Scott groans as he picks himself up off the ground. "I don't know where this woman came from or why she has all of my powers, but this is really starting to suck." He looks through the brick wall that he was just punched through. His female assailant looks him up and down for a moment, then begins charging toward him.

Dressed in a black and blue bodysuit and mask, the athletic woman looks exactly like him - well, except for the gender silhouette of course.

He braces to block her attack, then springs upward at the last possible moment. His female attacker smashes into the tree behind where he stood. The large oak splinters and crashes to the ground on top of her.

Scott lands and scans the fallen foliage for signs of the woman. If she really did have all his powers, that tree wouldn't stop her.

"I don't know who you are, but we don't have to do this!" he shouts through his mask. "We can talk this out like rational human beings."

A slightly muffled roar answers back at him. "KILL... STARMAN!"

"OK, you're obviously angry with me. Could you give me a hint as to...?"

He's cut off as the oak tree whips around and bats him high into the air.

"This woman is really starting to get on my nerves!" he shouts moments before he lands with a splat on the muddy shores of Lake Superior. "Ugh. Mud. I hate mud."

Something casts a shadow over top of where he sits. He looks up to see the oak tree falling out of the sky. Moments later it drives him deeper into the muddy lakeshore.

He tosses the splintered tree to the side and struggles to dig himself out of the soft, wet earth. "So gross. So not cool. When I get my hands on that..."

He trails off as another shadow forms at this location. He looks up just in time to see the woman come smashing down on him. Both super powered persons now find themselves sunk deep into the muck. The female roars and thrashes around in a wild fashion trying to reach him.

"Stop!" he shouts over top of her growling. "At least tell me who you are! What do you call yourself? StarGirl? StarWoman? StarSister? You're clearly not a Star Man. Are you my female clone or something? Why are you so intent on destroying me?"

In answer to his questions, the woman stops thrashing around in the mud and is silent.

Scott's eyes grow large behind his mask. "Uh oh. You're not thinking of doing what I think you're thinking of doing are you? This is going to be messy!"

The woman's hands glow star-blue for a moment. The next instant, everything in a thirty yard radius explodes. Scott finds himself flying through the air again along with several tons of mud. This time, Lake Superior itself swallows him into its murky depths.

"Super strength, super durability, super leap, star power... yep. She's got all my abilities all right," he thinks to himself as he swims upward.

He gasps for breath as he breaks to the surface. He glances back several hundred meters to what's left of the shore. The woman is nowhere to be seen.

"OK," he reasons and begins power-stroking back to land, "maybe the blast knocked her in the opposite direction. Any which way, I've got to find her and stop her somehow before she puts innocent people..."

He's cut off yet again as the woman lands on him and drives them both back under water.

"OH COME ON!" he gurgles.

Many little bubbles escape the woman's mask as she moves through the water toward him. His best guess is that she's raging again.

Opting to not risk drowning them both, Scott swims away from her back to the surface. Breaking into the air again, he immediately begins swimming for shore. A moment later, he hears her surface and begin her pursuit.

"I don't wanna hurt you!" he screams and struggles to stay ahead of her.

"KILLLLLLLLLLLL," is the only thing she roars back.

"Oh, you sound like all the other women I've dated!"

She roars at his mocking.

"I've gotta get my feet back on dry ground," he murmurs. An idea strikes him. "Hmmm... I wander..." Scott charges his star power and explodes the water behind him. He's rewarded by being blown forward toward the shoreline.

"Ha! Awesome! I had no idea I could do that!" He looks back to see the Star Girl begin copying his water exploding maneuver.

"Hey, no fair! Get your own moves!" He calculates where she'll land and steadies himself. "Gotta have this out with her here and now. Can't risk taking this battle back to the city!"

He leaps and tackles the woman in the air just before she lands. The pair of Star-powered people thrash around in the shallows of the lake. Scott manages to grapple her around the waste and toss her onto the shore.

She leaps to her feet – her hands beginning to glow again. "DIEEEEEE!" she screams. A bolt of star energy narrowly misses Scott and explodes the shallows directly behind him. The concussive blast knocks him forward into the woman's waiting arms. She staggers backward with Scott in a vice-like bear hug.

"Killlllllll," she growls and struggles to maintain her balance.

Scott's pushes on her shoulders in an attempt to free himself. He grunts loudly as she begins forcing the air from his lungs.

"Look, lady... I've tried to... ack... be... reasonable... but you're not... arg...leaving me a lot... of choices here..." Scott palms the woman's face. His hand glows blue and everything turns white for a moment.

The woman screams and releases StarMan. She stumbles backward holding the front of her mask.

Scott lands with a thud in the mud. "I'm sorry about that. You didn't leave me any choice!" he croaks.

She removes her hands - the front of her mask now burnt away. Her eyes dance with anger and hatred as she bares her teeth.

Scott feels as though an icy hand has suddenly gripped his heart. "Sarah...?" he whispers. He looks closer as the woman advances on him again. "Sarah?" he repeats. "SARAH!"

Sarah leaps on top of him and wraps her fingers around his neck in a savage fashion.

He responds by moving his arm under hers, breaking her grip and pinning her hands in his armpit. "Sarah! It's me! Scott! Sarah? Don't you remember?"

Her eyes show no recognition as she struggles to free herself.

"Sarah, stop! Please! We grew up together! On the planet Shi'rel! Don't you remember? What's gotten into you? What's wrong?"

Scott tries to subdue her, but she manages to wriggle free. He grabs at her, but only manages to tear away the rest of her mask. He notices something with tiny blinking lights attached to the back of her head.

"What's that on your hair? I remember how careful you always were with your hair!"

She crouches like a wild animal and growls at him.

"Blast it, Sarah... it's ME!" Scott shouts and removes his own mask.

For a brief instant, a glimmer of recognition passes over her face. A moment later however, the lights begin rapidly blinking on the object stuck to the back of her head and she becomes mad with rage again.

Scott grimaces. "So that's what's making you this way. Alrighty then."

Sarah charges her childhood friend and leaps high into the air. Scott's ready for her this time. He scoots to the side and kicks her legs out from under her when she lands. Rolling on top of her next, he begins grabbing at the back of her head.

She uses her close proximity to begin punching and clawing at his head and body.

"Quit... moving... Sarah... blast it... I've almost..."

She suddenly grips Scott's face with both hands and begins charging her star power to maximum.

Scott's eyes grow large. "No! Don't!"

Everything goes white, and then black.

The darkness is peaceful. No hurt. No pain. No light. Just a floating feeling and a profound sense of peace. He isn't sure how long he stays in that realm. All he knows is a wave of light and pain suddenly yank him back to reality.

"Scott! Scott, can you hear me? Scott!"

Light and dark begin to separate into fuzzy shapes as consciousness begins flooding back into him.

"Scott! Are you alright? Speak to me!"

How odd. The voice is so familiar. The haze begins to clear. A pair of concerned eyes look down into his.

"Scott! Blast it, kid. Don't do this to me! I didn't know what I was doing! Scott!"

"S... Sa... Sar...ah...?" he rasps.

A wide smile comes over the beautiful blonde's face and she clutches Scott to her chest. "Thank the stars!" she exclaims. "I thought I killed you!"

Scott grunts uncomfortably.

"Oh sorry! Sorry!" she whispers and loosens her grip a little. "I just... I thought I..." Tears begin to stream down her cheeks and she smiles down into his eyes.

Scott manages to look over at his hand. The crumbled remains of the object once stuck to the back of Sarah's head is still clutched in his fingers. He struggles to sit up from her lap.

She gently pushes him back down. "Whoa easy there, Light Bright. Just give it another minute or two."

He smiles at the nick name she had called him when they played as children.

She removes her glove with her teeth and gently begins stroking his silky hair. "Just another minute or two," she repeats softly.

"What are you doing on earth?" he manages to ask.

She gives her head a little shake and shrugs. "Is that were we are? The last thing I remember is greeting an off-worlder at quasar academy. A large, ugly looking man... with purple skin."

Scott scowls a little bit. "Dr. Galactica."

"And then I remember us fighting," she continues, "but it didn't feel real. More like I was watching an astral projection or dreaming. And then I woke up, and realized what I had just done."

She leans over and tenderly kisses Scott's forehead. "I'm so sorry," she whispers.

Another smile washes over his face. His strength renewed, he stands and helps her to her feet. "Your mind wasn't your own, Sarah," he says with a little twinkle in his eye. "Thank you for your affection, but this is how it's done on earth."

Scott take's her waste and presses her body into his. Before she can react, he seals his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. Sarah's arms find their way around his neck as the kiss continues. Time stands still as the young friends of yesterday are reunited in the present.

Finally Sarah breaks the kiss with an audible pop. He can feel her smiling as she nuzzles his nose with her own.

"That's the same way we do it back on Shi'rel, silly," she whispers.

"Oh?" he whispers back. "I guess I must have forgotten. So sorry."

She takes a deep breath and pulls him closer. "Well, let's try it again then. You know, just so you don't forget."

She seals her lips to his this time. Their breathing accelerates as their passion increases. They feel each other's hearts begin to pound in sync. Waves of pleasure envelope their bodies as a cone of blue starlight begins to form around them.

Again Sarah breaks the kiss and leans her head back. Scott gently presses his lips to her neck in several spots. "Oh Scott," she moans and brings her head forward again with a huge smile on her face. "It's so good to see you again."

They burst out laughing and the cone of blue starlight dissipates. She gives him a couple more quick kisses before pushing away.

"I like the uniform, by the way," he says as he moves to retrieve his mask.

"I don't know where I got it - Dr. Galactica maybe? Who is he anyway?"

"One of the enemies I've managed to make in the last few years," he replies as he puts his mask on again. "I'm guessing he grabbed you, took over your mind, and then dressed you like me so the public would think my people are evil and destructive."

Sarah looks at the uniform covering her body. "Maybe I should change then? Does me dressed like you complicate things?"

He takes her by the hand and half uncovers his face again. "I think it's a great look for you, actually," he smiles. "It makes it feel like we're a team when we share a uniform."

She returns his smile. "Do you have an extra mask?"

He nods.

"Is it back at your place?"

He nods again.

"I've got no place to go. I'm new on this planet. Do you have spare quarters I can use? Temporarily of course..."

Scott smiles and his eyes shine. "Come on. We've got an evil Doctor to stop."