Long ago there was once a time when a great kingdom ruled the land, the name of the kingdom was once known as Qeendoor. It was ruled by a fair king that loved his people.

He cared about his subjects, using most of his days with helping those who he could. Yet one day everything changed for the worst. The sky grew black with clouds and thunder rumbled in the sky.

On that day, the king never came out to the town where people would gather for morning market. It was unlike him to miss the morning noon his cooks were wondering why he didn't come to the great hall, where they had prepared a truly great meal fit for a king.

As if everyone felt an evil presence, his knights went to see where the king was to ask him what it could be. To their shock and horror, they found a monstrous dragon standing above the burned clothes and ashes of the king.

The dragon had white scales covering its body, its eyes were blood red. It stared at them for a long time, making the knights frozen in, it roared an angry cry that would be able to hurt anybody's ears.

One brave knight charged at the dragon with a sword in hand. But the dragon hurled itself onto the knight and tore him apart with his, the knights ran as fast as the could from the white dragon and screamed at the tops of their lungs. "Dragon in the castle! The is king dead!"

The knights separated from each other, each trying to escape the dragon's claws of death and warning all to escape the knight ran until he got to the chamber of the leader of the knights, known as Elther.

"Sir Elther! It's terrible! The king was been murdered in cold blood! The dragon can't be killed! It's too fast, what will we do?!" the knight as Sir Elther. Without taking another moment, he picked up his sword and shield.

"I will help the villagers escape, help our mage, Merlo. Get away with him so he can make a barrier surrounding the castle. It might be the end of the town and castle of Qeendoor, but its people must survive".

Meanwhile, the dragon was rampaging through the castle, killing anyone that were too close to his fearsome claws and teeth. Some of the knights that were still together, were able to reach the bell tower and began to ring the bell. The ringing of the bell sounded just as Sir Elther had escaped from the castle.

"Dragon! Evacuate the city, quickly! Hurry before it gets-" the knights were about to continue, but instead were burned alive by the dragon's flame. Their screams of pain and death awoke the villagers to what was happening.

Elther, gave one glance at the dragon and turned to aid the villagers were fleeing for their lives.

The top of the bell tower began to burn and the dragon forced his way out of the tower, making the whole thing come down to crush the people that were not fast enough to get out of the way.

The dragon kept going on its rampage, killing those who could not escape. The remaining knights led the villagers into the forest, the last ones out of the burning village were Elther and the mage, Merlo.

"I couldn't save that knight that told me what happened, that dragon was too fast for my magic to save him. But I will save those who are left," he said and took out his spell book.

"He that threatens those who live will forever be trapped under this barrier spell so we the people can live," Merlo chanted the words.

Quicker then lighting the magic did it's work in a flash of orange light before the dragon could reach the main gate to the village.

With the seal locked up tight, the dragon was trapped inside the ruins of Qeendoor with only the castle still standing. The dragon tried to break the castle's walls, but it was unable to break the mage's seal.

The villagers were both glad and yet also sad for the fall of their beloved kingdom. Many lives had been lost, including the king.

There was a long silence between the people and the cries of the dragon could be heard, some could hear that they didn't sound like the cries before had been.

The people, led by Sir Elther, went deep into the forest and created a village by Mt. Balta, where many fields of grass and a large snaking river could be found.

And for the dragon? It has been said that he is still trapped in the fallen kingdom. A curse to him, that would never let him die and he would never to be able to see the whole world for a long time.

The forest around the kingdom grew thick and the fallen kingdom and the dragon passed onto legend. Yet some say the kingdom and its dragon is not a legend, but one of the forest's greatest what happened to the villagers and the knights? That story is about to continue...