I want to run, to hunt, to live in the wild

I want to chase, to climb, to do as I like

I want to feel the wind, to see the sky, to smell the rain

I want to be free

I don't want to get up at 6, to sleep at 11, to go to school

I don't want to be stuck, to be cramped, to be normal

I don't want to eat processed food, to see roaring traffic, to smell car fumes

I don't want to have responsibilities

I want to sleep and eat and do what I please,

I want to jump and to fly and be carried away

I want to see the stars in the sky, to see the dew on the grass, to see the heart of nature

I want to be free

I don't want to write and write as my hand cramps, I don't want responsibilities nor schedules nor times.

I want to hunt in the night and hunt in the day, I want to be unique

I want to stand out, to be alive and to be free

I want to be feral.