We're Writers

Everyone has something they like to do, everyone has a hobby, and for us, that thing, the thing we sometimes do, for whatever reason each of us has, is writing.

Maybe some of us write happy things, or fluffy things that make us happy, maybe we release our sadness or anger by writing about it, or maybe we just write to write.

No matter the reason, we write. Whether it's that we enjoy writing, or enjoy having written something, whether it's that we feel satisfied by writing, or whether it's that we give ourselves bragging rights, we all write.

It may be a masterpiece, or a grammatically incorrect wannabe, but either way, we write.

Maybe we're bookworms, who dream to write a story that can be published, maybe we have nothing better to do with our time, or have nothing else to do with our time, maybe we're gifted with writing skills, and enjoy using them, maybe we're writing to show our feelings, our emotions that we otherwise have no clue how to show, or maybe we just write to write.

When it comes down to it, though, we all write.

In a world where no one really knows you are, skin color doesn't matter, names don't matter, religious beliefs don't matter, nothing matters, no one can mock you for your looks, no one can stare at how small or big you are.

We're faceless writers, we can choose to give ourselves details, or stay a blank canvas, letting others assume what they will.

No matter our little details, like our hair colors, or our ages, we're all writers.

Some of us write about real life events and some of us create different lives for other people to live.

Some of us explain which our stories are, and some of us let the readers wonder, and sometimes it's easy to tell, while other times it's hard to tell.

Our little differences in writing, what we write about, what age group it's for, whether or not it's written well, why we write, how we write...none of it matters overall, because we all still have one big thing in common: we're writers.