A/N: This is the original version, grammar mistakes, teen writing and all.

For some inexplicable reason, she was drawn to him like no other. He would be the first one that she would be able to locate in a crowd. Her eyes wanted to linger on him a bit longer, to study every detail of his face, but she forced herself to turn away before he caught her looking.

Freshman year. That was when she first met him. Ever since then, she couldn't get him out of her mind. No one else caught her attention, for her attention was solely on him.

Now she was a sophomore and he was a junior. Still, she silently watched him from the shadows, never gathering the courage to talk to him. A couple of times, she came close to doing so, but she backed out at the last moment, making up excuses for herself. But she knew deep down in her heart that if she didn't make a move soon, her heart would be the one breaking as she watched him graduate only to never see him again.

She wished that she could approach him, but he wasn't exactly making it easy for her. He mostly kept to himself, preferring to talk in low tones with his friends or sitting there silently. If only...if only he was more sociable, then it would be easier on her. She constantly wracked her brain for openings that would allow her to talk to him, but all the starters seemed like she was trying too hard. So she became content with herself by silently wishing, waiting, and watching.

He caught her off guard one day by initiating a conversation with her while she was busy doing her work. She looked up, made eye contact with him before giving him a reply. The conversation was short lived and when he didn't continue to reply further, she turned towards her friend and began talking to him to cover up her disappointment.

It was around that time when her two best friends found out about her crush. They adamantly supported her and kept telling her that she needed to talk to him some more. One friend demanded that she initiate the conversation this time. But she kept making up excuses, recalling every movement he made and over analyzing it, before finally coming to the conclusion that he wanted to avoid her. Her friend refused to believe her and pushed her to talk to him.

After much planning and deliberation of what she was going to say, she was left disappointed when she hardly got a chance to talk to him in the following month. It was that fateful day when she finally got another chance to talk to him.

They were headed to a competition an hour away from their school. She sat diagonally from him on the bus, hoping that she could somehow rope him into a group conversation. She never got her chance because he opted for sleeping. Trying to not let the nerves of the competition get the best of her, she continued chatting away with her friends.

It was noon when she got to talk to him. They were seated at the same table, as they were on the same team, eating their lunch and discussing the answers that they had chosen. It soon became a very intense discussion as the three of them tried to help each other out and explain why they got the answer they did. It was the first time she initiated a conversation with him: by asking him for help. Nevertheless, it was a step further than she would have gotten without this opening.

The conversation lasted well over half an hour and for the rest of the day; she felt elated. She was going to take this one step at a time. No more wishing, waiting, and watching. It was time to gather her courage and make a move.