Did you ever think that there was a world very different from our own? This one is where magical creatures ranging from Unicorns and centaurs to dragons and even talking normal animals. Yes, there is such a place, it is full of mysteries and as every civilization it has its ups and downs. But on the outside, it seems to be a very peaceful island that seems to have no major problems.

But what will happen when a dark past comes back to haunt it. And when this horrible evil comes to light, it will be up to the newly appointed Mystic Island Guardian to stop it.

But with that, there is one problem…

The problem is that no one knows who the new guardian will be. So when things start getting chaotic, the search will begin. And in the meantime, who stands against the incoming evil?

A fourteen year old girl and a cast of colorful characters who range from a quick thinking rabbit to a boy who just can't catch a break. And they will come together to defeat the biggest threat the world has ever seen…

A sentient evil rabbit who is obsessed with making things explode and a giant bird that talks too much for his own good. How will this all go you may ask? Dive in and find out!