After four years of mental fortitude and periodic insanity, Origin has been published and is now available on Amazon Kindle for $9.99. This is my first novel to get published, so I am beyond thrilled. To support me and follow up with Simone and her chaotic adventure, please follow the link provided. There are 41 more chapters just waiting for you!

www . amazon / dp / B08CR5ZPN9

To my reviewers, readers, and lurkers, thank you for figuratively standing by me for this journey. It has been a long one, and I am so grateful the undertaking was not one I had to follow alone.

To get more information on the Origin world, dedicated fans and followers have created a group where readers can ask their favorite characters questions, request situational one-shots, and receive images of environments, characters, and aesthetics the way they were originally imagined. I frequently respond to questions about the story and divulge events that didn't make it into the book. If that interests you, the link is below.

www . quotev / groups / 1031180645

Thank you for everything.