"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain."

-Vivian Greene

Chapter 1

Someone once told me that there were no such things as happy endings, that they were only in fairy tales. Well, they lied. The way I see it, the ending to your story might not be the one you originally pictured. It might not be close at all, but let me assure you, it's just as good. Sometimes the best endings are the ones you never imagined. Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but sometimes you have to get past that thunderstorm to get to the pot of gold.

It all started on a cold, Tuesday, October morning, when my identical twin, Julia said she didn't feel well. She had been looking kind of pale for a few days now. My mother checked, and said that she had a fever, and that she could stay home from school.

The rest of us were sent off to school, despite our complaining. My two brothers, Luke and Jackson, who were eight and ten,respectively, and my little sister Amelia, who was five at the time. Marguerite who was two, and Elaina, the baby, stayed at home for obvious reasons.

Now, thinking back on it, the complaint about going to school seems so trivial now. If only I had known what was about to change my life forever.


Jack and Luke walked to the elementary school on Eastwood Ave with Amelia, while I went to the middle school by myself. Having skipped first grade with my twin, I was currently in eighth grade.

When I reached homeroom, I got my books ready for my next class, which was English, and sat down.

"Cassie!" called someone. I turned around at the sound of my name.

"Yes?" I answered back. "What do you want, Maggie?"

Her sharp freckled nose stuck out between her long locks of red hair. She wore normal clothes- jeans, a tee shirt. Maggie was Julia's best friend- and one of the few people that could tell Julia and I apart.

"Where's Julia?" she asked, playing with the eraser on the end of her pencil. I shrugged.

"She was sick, so Mom let her stay home." I explained.

"Oh." said Maggie. "Well, tell her to feel better."

"I will." I said, running to sharpen my pencil before the class started. I managed to get into my seat just before the bell rang.


After school, I walked home, stopping at the elementary school to pick up my siblings. Amelia was babbling about some coloring sheet she completed, while Jack and Luke were trying to hit each other with their backpacks.

I ended up walking about ten feet in front of them, because little kids talking walk pretty slow, and there was the fact that they were a little embarrassing.

We would take the bus, but we lived too close to the school, so we had to walk. It was okay, I guess. I mean, it did get cold, and we did have to leave early, but it could be interesting. One never knew what they would find.

Sometimes, we were younger, Julia and I used to stop at the candy store on the way there, when Jack was in kindergarten. We would pile together our measly savings in the hopes of buying some delicious candy. One time, we had a lemonade stand and managed to earn one hundred and sixty-five dollars. We spent it all on candy. Hershey's, Reese's. Kit-Kat's, every kind of candy imaginable. One hundred and sixty-five dollars worth.

Needless to say, my mom was not exactly happy after that, and after what we later referred to as "The Incident," only a few more stops were made to the candy store, only once in a great while. Just every Friday. And Monday. And Wednesday. Okay, so we went there a lot, but we didn't actually buy much. Just a few peanut M and Ms, or some hot cocoa if it was cold out.

After about ten minutes, we reached the house. Marguerite, or Margie as we called her, ran to meet us. Amelia grabbed her hand, and they ran off to play. Jack and Luke set down their backpacks, and made hot chocolate, spilling about half of it in the process.

I watched as my dad walked into the room. He looked tired, more so than usual. No, strike that, he looked exhausted. Cradling Elaina in one arm, he sat down in the chair next to me.

"How was school?" he asked.

"Good." I responded.

"Hey Dad," called Luke, his face covered in hot chocolate. "Where's Julia?"

"She's at a doctor's appointment with your mother. They'll be back soon."

Suddenly, as if on cue, my mother burst in the door with Julia, whose face was blotchy from what looked like crying. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the living room.

"Julia, what's wrong?" I asked. She looked away.

"Nothing, I'm fine, Cassie." she said, although she was clearly not fine.

"Then why were you crying?"

My sister sighed. "Remember how I wasn't feeling good for a while?"

"Yeah." I said. "Oh, by the way, Maggie says hi, and that you should get better soon."

"Well, anyway, the doctor looked and said…"

"Time for dinner, girls!" my mother called. Julia pressed her lips into a firm line.

"Anyway," she said. "It's nothing. Don't dwell on it, Cass."

Dinner that night was pizza, Julia's favorite. Neither she or my parents seemed to be in the mood to eat much of it, though. All through the meal, my parents talked in hushed whispers.

Margie was the only one who seemed to actually enjoy her food. She even had pizza in her light brown hair, which looked so extremely silly, I couldn't help but laugh.

Elaina, who was ten months old as of yesterday, was sitting in her high chair, eating cereal. Even she was quieter than usual.

Jack and Luke looked nervous, as if they had done something wrong and were trying to cover it up. For once in their lives, they were actually behaving at the dinner table, which was unlike them.

Julia excused herself, saying that she wasn't hungry. She slid her leftover pizza onto Margie's plate, who gladly accepted the new food.

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