A/N: To my cousins, who have had to endure me for years.

Tip: Do not try these at home unless you wish to have a very annoyed cousin.

When their boyfriend/girlfriend is over with them, tell him every embarrassing story about your cousin you can think of. (Tip: ask your grandma for ideas.)

When in public with your cousin, call them "Mama." And run around screaming.

Write on their faces with permanent marker when they're not looking. Get creative!

When their boyfriend/girlfriend is there, make a punnett square of what their possible kids will look like.

Post a bunch of weird and random pictures on their instagram, snapchat, facebook, etc.

When at a restaurant with your cousin, cut their food into bite-sized pieces, and order for them, using the most embarrassing nickname you can think of. (Ex: Pookie, Snuffles, etc.)

For their birthday, send them barbie dolls.

Lock them in a closet.

When their mother is standing near you, ask your cousin very LOUDY when their due date is.

Prank call them every five minutes for an hour.

Spy on them and see if they notice.