How do they choose?

What stories to tell

And what stories not to

They say they want to be objective and unbiased

But I don't think it's true

If it is

They why would they get to choose?

We use facts to prove what we're saying is true

What makes me different from you is perspective

But couldn't we use facts to make it seem

That our perspective is true?

I don't think the study of History

Is unbiased or objective

How can it be

When we get to choose

What stories live on through time

And which ones get forgotten.

What stories would you tell?

Be a historian


A/N: So i am a history major in college and one of my requirements for my major is that i have to take a history seminar class which is the study of history itself. I was working on the reading assignment for this class and this idea came to me, and that fellow historians is how this poem was born. Anyways enough of my rambling review and favorite! Thanks guys!