I walked into the mead hall. Zakolchester was a bustling city. Built by the zakessex Zachary's. Zakessex is on the brink of tourmoil. Orcs are coming down from the south. My father's a city guardsmen in Zakolchester. I'm a eqonicorn gossiper. Eqonicorns are unicorns created by Zachary's. My father used the art of creation to make me. It's very secretive my dad jokes if I knew the secret he'd have to kill me.

My sisters are also gossipers. Gossipers spread rumors and stories to inspire or crush our enemies morale. Course myself and my sisters it's just for fun. My name is Maefaern daughter of Godwine Zakwullf. My three sisters are named Ashley, Sarah, and Jessica. All created using the art of creation.

I gossiped with a dwarf saying his guild master drinks wine secretly. She laughed only pansy dwarfs drink wine in their society. She even payed me as I don't do idle gossip for free. She gave me a single Zachary penny. I used the penny to purchase value water. The lizardman bartender handed me the flask. I used my magic to open the cork on the flask. The water may be coppery but it's still water. I then trotted out of the tavern.

I went up to strangers asking if they'd like to hear the latest gossip. A skeleton payed me. I told her that orcs were brutish and stupid she laughed. Then handed me the penny. I then trotted to the city guard quarters. My father was at his desk writing his report on parchment.

I waved hello he smiled and rubbed my green mane. I sayed I'd be back home soon after I did my "job". He told me to keep the gossip safe and simple. I nodded and went back to work. I watch a couple unicorns trot by. Were not different but since we have the blood of Zachary's.

They look at us with distrust as my father's kind. Aren't the most trustworthy. I gossiped a little more and earned ten Zachary pennies. I went to the bank. A Zachary weighed the coins to see if they were authentic. They were and he gave me one Zachary dime. I was happy as I bought cider for my father and cherries for myself and my sisters. just another day for a eqonicorn gossiper.