I'll miss you my good friend. You were my brother in all but blood. Through out my childhood, you were there.

You supported me in my best and my worst times. We've always had our differences though.

For one, you were a stuffed frog and I'm a human. You had a nice long life, we met when I was a just little boy in kindergarten.

The day we met was a truly special one, I was at a school fair with my father. At this fair there was a build a bear workshop booth, I happily dragged my dad towards it!

I picked up an empty frog skin, and I immediately knew that this would be the beginning of a glorious friendship. I brought it over to the man at the desk.

He filled it with stuffing and gave it its heart. The moment I gave it a hug, was the moment that the frog skin became you, the amazing Super Frog.

In your prime, you were cooler than superman and batman combined!

You could scare away the likes of nightmares and the monsters under the bed!

And you were the smartest frog ever, you always gave me the best advice a kid could ask for.

Sadly, as I grew older our friendship started to decay. I started to worry about stupid stuff like school and what my peers thought of me.

The days flew by and you grew lonelier and lonelier. Years had passed since we had a last hung out together. You were solemnly sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

I was about to leave for summer camp, when I saw how sad and lonely you were.

For old times sake I took you off the shelf and put you in my trunk.

For that week you and I once again hung out together and together we rekindled our old friendship.

When we came back on Sunday, our friendship was stronger and brighter than ever.

We went upstairs, unpacked our stuff, and you said you were going to take a nap. I bid you a goodnight and after that moment, you never woke again.