Epilogue - 8 years later~

Delphine rocked in her chair, smiling at her belly currently housing the newest addition to our family. I have a hunch it's a girl, but Delphi insists it's twins due to the "incessant kicking". Personally, I can only feel one pair of legs so maybe it's her mind. We should really think of names soon since we only have a few months left.

We invited the Katsumi and Cassia over for tea, today. I mean, I still drink lemonade but that's not important. Hinata and Beth were at the park currently. Getting ice cream or something.

"How is Hinata?" I asked.

Katsumi laughed, "He's going to Junior High next year and trying to comfort your niece about the separation."

"Ah, yes. I remember." Delphine started. "Beth came over crying to me and "Uncle Udell" that she wasn't going to be able to see Hinata anymore." She chuckled.

"I had to make a sock puppet show to comfort her. It couldn't be that bad, it's only 6 hours for a year," I said.

Cassia interrupted. "If you think you had it bad, Hina basically crawled into a corner and started writing haikus about how a year is so much longer than twelve months. It isn't, we told him. It took Sanora and Sprinkles to bring him out of his rut. It's a good thing he likes cats."

I laughed. "Speaking of kids, we sure did a good job naming ours."

Katsumi replied. "I mean, we always had Sprinkles, thanks to Cassia. That thing was always trying to eat MY cupcakes."

Cassia giggled. He gave her a smile and continued. "But, when we had our daughter, Sprinkles took a liking to her. So Sanora just fit."

"True. But, I was the one eating your cupcakes," Cassia said with a grin.

Katsumi's head snapped to look at her, almost immediately. "It was you?!" He pointed with a face written with shock.

"What can I say? I had cravings."

Katsumi sighed and fell back into his chair. Delphine glanced over at our son Creon, currently drawing a butterfly that Sanora was chasing.

"Stop chasing it, Sanora! I can't draw it properly if it keeps moving!" The five-year-old yelled to the first grader. She stopped and giggled. "Sorry, Crayon-kun."

Delphine turned to me. "I named our son Creon, because I thought it would be pretty to have him be named Prince."

I chuckled. "I went along with it, because of two reasons. One, Delphine was easy to anger during that time, (thankfully not this time), and I really didn't want another bloody nose." Delphine shot me an irritated look.

I responded with a cheeky grin and continued. "So I didn't disagree. Second, the name Creon lent itself to the nickname Crayon."

Delphine butted in. "Which he thought was funny." She pointed at me, who was silently laughing to myself.

"You know Cassia, that nickname has gotten so blown that Creon barely responds to his actual name anymore. Something about being an "artist"."

"Hah, really?" Cass asked.

"Yes. Here I'll show you." She yelled towards Creon. "Creon! What are you doing?"

Silence. No response.

"Your turn." She shoved my shoulder. I shrugged.

"Crayon! Whatcha doing right now?"

"Coloring, Daddy!" He yelled.

"Seeā€¦" Delphine said and held her hands out in exasperation. Katsumi and Cassia were laughing.

"Wait a minute, I'm going to show you and Mummy my picture!" Creon or Crayon as it now seemed, shouted.

He ran over with his paper in his hands and a blue crayon behind his ear, the same shade of his eyes. Practically a clone of his grandfather.

"Look Daddy." He held up the picture of a teal blue butterfly with spots. It was unnaturally good for someone of his age.

"Wow, Crayon. That's awesome!" I exclaimed.

"Mama, Otou-san! I caught it!" A little girl with black curls and eyes the color of her mother ran up to her parents.

"Caught what, Neko-chan?" Katsumi asked. That was his nickname for her, seeing as she had an affinity for cats.

"A butterfly! Look!" She opened her hands only to have it flutter away. "Aw, no!"

Cassia laughed. "Guess you have to get it again, sweetie."

She pouted and ran off trying to rake the air for it like a kitten. Creon on the other hand, was to engrossed in his coloring to notice. He was now starting to draw the vase of Blue Bells and Orchids on the table and lay on the Patio floor kicking his legs back and forth as he concentrated.

There was a nice breeze today, I noticed. I rested my head back on the chair and breathed in the fresh air.