''Do do do do do do…

(( A young-man is making his way along a crowded city street on an overcast day. His hands are shoved into his pockets as he walks with a glum expression across his face)

The oneeee!

(The camera moves to the back of the man's shirt, which is shown to read DREAM)

''It doesn't matter what comes…''

((The man is shoved by someone on the street)

''Fresh goes better with life!''

((The youth is shaking his head as he looks over his shoulder))

'"With Vintos fresh and full of life!'''

((He is sitting on a park bench looking at a rejected manuscript))

Nothing gets to you, staying fresh, staying kool!

((He is gazing up into the gray clouds. Just as the sun comes out he pops a piece of Vintos brand candies into his mouth, closing his eyes and enjoying the piece. When he opens his eyes he is at a mall book signing for a bestseller he has now written where hundreds are lined up all around.)

Fresh goes better, Vintos freshness! Fresh goes better with Vintos fresh and full of life!

((As Dream smiles into the camera and gives a thumbs up)

Vintos! The Freshmaker!