we can escape to a higher plane

by, Cassandra

I put you high above all the rest,
on a pedestal made of glass.
Transparent, so you could clearly see
just how far you had to fall if you
made the mistake of letting me down.

I built you up inside my head,
larger than life, sugar sweet
and everything I'd ever hoped
and dreamed you'd be.

I kept you locked up for myself and
this way, you could never leave me behind.
I held you close and let you cry and
told you everything would be alright.

Yes, I know I lied.
But this safe haven I created
was supposed to keep you in
my arms, where you belonged.

It's not my fault, but you need
to remember who painted
those wings for you.
I'll probably never forgive
you for flying away from me.

But it's okay.
Nirvana will still be here
when you realize what it
was you threw away.

(you broke down all my defenses
and left a bloody mess behind,
and I refuse to clean it up.)