Truth or Dare

"Sweetheart you look beautiful, if we don't leave now we will be late." Abbie smiles in the mirror absorbed into the warm, dark blue, naïve eyes of her honey blonde girlfriend.

"Kat, I can't help but nitpick, you are far too beautiful to have a slob at your side." Arching an eyebrow, rolling her eyes she slides her arms around Abbie's waist "Love, you would pass as a runway model, dressed in a potato sack." Laughing the couple make their way to a friend's loft across town. Abbie relaxes in the passenger seat, trusting Kat to navigate through the turbulent city. Looking across the expanse of the darkened area, she takes heed of dancing brightly lit areas, comparing them in her mind with the darker relatively unlit areas crisscrossing the city. The parallels to life, the light the dark, the deception of it all is a puzzle in itself, Abbie cautiously wonders if others notice the correlation. Observing the silver full moon whose platinum light reminds her so much of Kat's silky hair. It's truly amazing how the something so beautiful can be linked with madness, lunacy it's called. How is it possible for something so beautiful to be related with something so dark.

Disturbed from her inner monologue by the vehicle jolting to a stop, she finds herself lost once again in the warm, silver blue, curious eyes of her girlfriend. "You look very deep in thought Confucius." Kat whispered exiting the car. Walking hand in hand the pair climbs the steep staircase to their friend's loft. Knocking on the door, it is quickly answered by the eccentric owner Nathan. Ushering them through the door, the couple soon immerse themselves in conversation with various members of the odd group.

Hours pass, Hors d'oeuvres are devoured and alcohol flows as easily as the simple conversation. Abbie extracts herself from the various groups. She stands to the side observing the different interactions and conversation when one catches her attention. "I tell you Jack it matters not who determines' good and evil or the definition of morality, because there is no such thing as good, evil or morality." Shaking his head vehemently Jack begins his counter argument. "How can there be no good or evil? You can't tell me that genocide has the same level of morality as sacrificing yourself for someone you love." Rubbing his face is annoyance Seth attempts to clarify his point "No Jack, I'm saying that it is all completely subjective. Take for example shooting a man in the streets, in one scenario he is a member of a deemed terrorist organization, though he has never been linked to any violence, in another scenario he is a member of the same group only the group is freedom fighting organization. In this world we can easily rationalize and accept shooting the man in the first scenario, yet we balk at the idea of shooting the same man by changing the word terrorist to freedom. This is why I say there is no true good or evil only society's condemnation of an act or celebration of the same act. History is written by the victor my friend."

"Come over here guys it's time for truth or dare!" Nathan excitedly interrupts Jack rebuttal. Following the group to the couches Abbie takes the seat so graciously saved by Kat. She kisses Kat on the cheek as Kat snuggles against her side. "Time to go over the rules, rule one if you answer a truth question you have to fully explain your answer, rule two no daring an individual to do anything illegal, and last rule three you are allowed to deny any truth or dare question but you have to take a shot. Let's get started I'll go first! Nina truth or dare?" chewing her lip for a moment, she chooses the seemingly safe route selecting truth.

"Nina have you ever had sex of any kind in a public location?" Blushing a bright red color, she leans into a barely illuminated area between two lamps, slightly hiding her blush. "Well, I, yes, Jack and I, we, umm, at the outdoor concert a few months ago, we well, we slipped into the wooded area and umm, yeah." Leaning closer to the lamp the bright light illuminates her bright red face. Jack smirking proudly next to her holds her tight as everyone laughs.

"Ok my turn. Eli truth or dare?" puffing out his chest he brazenly selects dare. "I dare you to sing the theme song to my little pony. I know, you know it, your daughter watches it all the time." With his left eye twitching, he stands pointing the nearby lamp in his direction, illuminating his stage performance. A round of applause erupts after witnessing his brilliant rendition of the my little pony theme song. Taking a bow he poses his question of truth or dare to Seth, who in fear of his friends' creative mind selects truth, much to the chagrin to Eli.

"Seth have you ever committed a crime?" paling slightly he takes a moment leaning back, his expression rendered unreadable, covered by the shadows across his face. "Yes, I trafficked drugs to pay for graduate school. It started out with just selling to other students; it just spiraled out of control. It took a friend of mine overdosing on the drugs I sold to him for me to realize I actually was harming people." Gauging the reactions which ranged from sympathy, to disgust Abbie, glances toward Kat whose own sky blue eyes looked on in understanding. "Shit happens you learned your lesson man. Your turn Seth" Eli pats Seth on the back snapping everyone out of their stupor returning our attention to the game. Hiding in the shadows Seth poses the question of truth or dare to Kat. She sensing the atmosphere of the room chooses dare. "I dare you to tell one person in this room your darkest secret." Standing she surprisingly walks toward Seth, whispering something in his ear which makes him go rigid with shock. Smiling her cool, blue eyes spark with a strange emotion.

"Abbie truth or dare?" she asks without so much as a glance in her direction. Looking at the group, waiting eagerly in anticipation, she glances at Kat whispering a barely audible truth. "Have you ever physically harmed someone on purpose?" The group waits with various expressions of confusion, all except Seth who calmly sips from his beer. "Yes, Yes I have." Sighing at the outrage responses Abbie swirls her wine glass taking a sip, as she uncrosses her legs leaning forward into the brightest area of the room. Glancing in Kat's direction she takes a moment to compose her story. " In college, my friend Cleo and I decided to go to a bar downtown, it was our usual hangout, we invited her roommate another close friend Samantha to drink with us. She had to finish a paper for one of her classes so she was unable to go to the bar. We had spent a few hours drinking, having a great time when Cleo's phone rang, it was Sam." Abbie pauses, running her hand through her hair she continues.

"We were outside when she answered assuming Sam was calling to say she was coming downtown to meet us, we were so very wrong. The most awful blood curdling scream filtered through the phone speaker, it was the kind of scream you hear when someone knows they are about to die. We ran back to the small house which was only a few blocks away, the door was open. I pulled my knife out, running in first with Cleo right behind me; the one thing I remember was the blood. Sam was on the floor, her clothes shredded to pieces around her bloody body." Abbie pauses to glance into Kat's ice cold blue eyes.

"I yelled at Cleo to call the cops when a figure caught my eye attempting to slip past us out the front door. I tackled the blonde man, the bottom half of his face was covered I just remember how his cold, lifeless, blue eyes bore into my soul. We fought; he was stronger, after wrestling for a bit he managed to slam my head against the corner of the stone steps. That is where I received this scar above my right eyebrow. He managed to get away I was far too disoriented to chase after him. Crawling back into the house to check on the girls I found Cleo attempting to stop the bleeding, shortly after the EMT'S arrived. Sam survived, barely; the guy used a condom and left very little evidence. The police officer informed us that it without a confession from the man there was little they would be able to do in regards to arresting the man. I refused to allow him to get away with his crime." Abbie places her wine glass on the coffee table, squeezing her hands together so tightly they begin to turn white.

"I called in favors from some of the seedier individuals who knew my family. It took months but I was finally able to track him down. Sam was the thirteenth girl he raped. I kidnapped him, tortured him, and carved "I Raped thirteen girls" into his chest so everyone would know exactly what he had done. I scared him enough to prevent him from harming another girl. He ended up killing himself about a year later. He was the terrorist to me, but he was the freedom fighter to you, wasn't he Kat." Glancing into her ice blue, tortured eyes, the resemblance is there, only she has life while his held death. "I just had to know the truth, but I guess you knew who I was before I knew who you were Abbie." Shaking her head laughing, she leans placing her arm around Kat. "I only figured it out after I finished my story. Your eyes, they are the one difference in appearance from your brother." Hearing the gasps from the room Abbie looks out of the window observing the silver full moon whose platinum light reminds her so much of Kat's silky hair. It's truly amazing how the something so beautiful can be linked with madness, lunacy it's called. Looking back into the dark blue, knowing eyes of her girlfriend, she now understands how it's possible for something so beautiful to be related with something so depressingly dark.