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Picture above is Alice portrayed as Jessica Jarrell

Chapter One

I wasn't very fond of bright colours.

Gray, black, burgundy – they were my colours. They emitted certain expressions without revealing too much about yourself. Sadly though, the ballroom that I was currently standing in resembled what I would described as the bedroom of a five year old ballerina combined with the puke of a magical unicorn, with a sprinkle of rainbow juice on top.

Not to mention the oh so dazzling attire of all the guests here tonight. Pinks, reds, greens, and many other luminous colours were the only things my eyes could land on. Even the men were adorned in the ridiculous shades! It all just didn't seem "fitting" to me. This was supposed a ball to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my father's success in his extremely lucrative career as the CEO and founder of Arlington International Corp.

But instead it looks like an atomic crayon exploded in here – and I'm positive that my beloved step-mother Ella is responsible for the decorating.

"What are you scowling about? It's a celebration! You should be dancing and having fun Alice!" My over-cheery sister and best friend Amy chastised.

"I am having fun," I lied in a dead-panned tone. "This is the best day ever!"

"You know if you're going to lie, at least put some enthusiasm in your tone." She frowned as she began tugging on my wrist. "Now come on! I spotted a pair of twin hotties over there and if we don't move fast, Andrea will make her move and keep them both for herself!"

I shrugged in a nonchalant matter. "Then let her, I don't really care."

Andrea was another sister of mine, and if I were to describe her one word, it would be Aphrodite. Beautiful, sensual, able to attractive any male within a five mile radius. I'm 100% positive that my sister is Aphrodite reincarnated.

Well all of my siblings seem to attract any person they want too with a simple glance. From my eldest brother Andrew, who shares his bed with a different woman every night, to my youngest brother Alvin who thinks he's the most handsome thing since sliced bread.

Lastly, my other two sisters Adrianna, the eldest girl, and Alyssa, the youngest girl, are both like me somewhat. Sure, we may be able to attract a lot of male attention, but we don't let it go to our heads. Besides, there are more important things to focus on than our physical appearance; which is something that we had no control of in the first place.

"So what do you plan to just sit here and sulk all night?"

"Yep," I sipped on my cocktail. "Not much else to do."

Amy frowned as she placed her dainty hands on her hips. "Mom and Dad will be upset if they see you just sitting here all alone."

"Dad's too busy socializing with all his business partners," I pointed out. "And Ella's in a frenzy making sure that everything stays perfect, she won't have time be concerned about me."

"Says who?" A feminine voice resounded.

Amy and I both turned our heads to see Ella, her mother and my step-mother, staring at me with one eyebrow raised. "No matter how busy I may be, I'm always going to be concerned about your well being Alice."

Her sunny blonde hair flowed down her back in perfect waves while her Caribbean blue eyes matched perfectly with her light azure dress, that also contrasted well with her light skin tone. At fifty years old, Ella still looked like a timeless beauty in her prime. Of course, my siblings all inherited her stunning looks; especially her blonde hair that they all undoubtedly shared.

Me on the other hand, well, I'm the only one with a different mother. My long ebony hair, doe brown eyes and light brown skin tone are all signs of my mother's genes in me.

Natori King.

A young, beautiful one-of-a-kind Bahamian model who'd unsurprisingly managed to catch my father, Alloc Arlington's eyes; albeit he was already married to Ella who'd at the time already given birth to Andrew, Adrianna and Andrea.

Long story short, my father had an affair with my mother, who was only eighteen at the time, and nine months later I was born. Being pregnant obviously put a halt to my mother's modeling career and her source of income. Fortunately though, daddy dearest decided that he wasn't going to let his daughter and "baby momma" become enslaved to a life of poverty.

He payed for everything. Literally everything.

My mother didn't have to work because he bought us a house, payed all the bills, enrolled me in the most prestigious private school on the island and supplied my mother with an ungodly amount of cash each month.

It was pretty safe to say that I'd been living the rich life since I was a baby.

However as I got older, I began to miss my father and my siblings. The summer time and school breaks were the only time that I got to see them. So after I graduated highschool, I moved to New York with my dad and enrolled in Columbia University.

Now at twenty one years old, I am a proud alumni of Columbia University with a bachelors degree in mathematics. It's only been a few months since I graduated and I wanted to take a bit of a break before I started working at my dad's company in the investments and accounting sector.

"Alice are you listening?" Ella asked as she waved a perfectly manicured hand in front of my face.

"Huh?" I dumbly responded and I came back to reality. "Sorry, I'd zoned out."

"Clearly," Amy rolled her eyes. "Now come on and dance with the rest of us!"

I huffed loudly as I folded my arms. "Amy for the last time, I do no want to dance!"

"But you're missing out on so much and-"

"Amy, if Alice doesn't want to dance then you have to respect that. She'll come when she's ready...right Alice?" Ella raised a brow.

"Ye-Yeah!" I stammered, a little stunned that she was actually on my side with this. "Sure, I'll go dance when I'm ready."

Amy's crystal-like eyes glowered at me for a few seconds before she finally sighed and a small smile etched it's way onto her face. "Fine, but you better keep your promise!"

"Yeah yeah!" I waved her off. "Now go have fun with those twins."

"What twins?" Ella asked.

"Nothing mom!" Amy sang before she grabbed Ella's wrist and tugged her away.

I watched as Amy left Ella at my father's side before she sauntered off towards the twins she was gushing about. They're identical and hot, nice!

I sighed as I gulped down the rest of my cocktail. Even if I had gone with Amy to dance, I would've probably tripped or something, which would completely embarrassed me and my family. So in a way, I just saved our family name from being tarnished. Amy should be thanking me!

Jesus, I must be drunk as hell to think of something that crazy. But the hell with it, I need another drink.

Finally arising from my seat on the plush dining chair, I walked over to the platter to retrieve another cocktail. But as I rested the glass between my lips to take my first sip, a sudden blinding white flash rippled across my vision; temporarily blinding me.

I felt my footing become sloppy as I rapidly blinked my eyes to clear my vision, but being the clumsy girl that I am, I ended up tripping on the table cloth and falling to the ground.

I shut my eyes for what I expected to be a hard impact, but instead, I felt myself being encased by a pair of arms. My cocktail wasn't as lucky though, it slipped from my grip and fell to the floor, hopefully not staining my dress.

"Oh gosh are you alright? I am so sorry!" A deep, masculine British voice resounded. The voice sounded so heavenly and velvety, not too mention attractive.

Slowly, I opened my eyes to reveal my savior. Unfortunately though, my vision was still blurry from the flash, but I did manage to make out a lovely pair of sparkling green eyes that were staring intently into mine.

"Excuse me, Miss? Are you alright?" He repeated again as he stood me upright. I noted that he was pretty tall, I had to look up to see his face.

Finally, my vision had begun clearing up and I got to fully see his face. The first thing I noticed was the long curly brown hair that sat on his shoulders. Following that was the supreme masculinity that his seraphic face possessed.

Sweet Lord this was one attractive man!

His face was perfectly sculpted, with a strong jawline that looked like it could part the Red Sea! He was very tall, with a lanky frame, but it still looked like he possessed muscles underneath the black and white tuxedo that he wore; a large camera hanging from his neck. Another thing I noticed was that he was one of the only few men that had actually worn a traditional tux.

"Can you speak, Miss?" He asked in a way that was not rude, but rather curious.

Way to go Alice, you meet an insanely hot guy and you become mute! "NO!" I suddenly shouted, obviously alarming him because he jumped slightly.

"Ex-Excuse me?"

"No!" I said again in a slightly calmer tone. "I mean yes, YES I can speak!" God what's wrong with me?

"Okay," He lightly chuckled. "Are you alright? I didn't mean for my camera to flash in your eyes."

So it was him that nearly blinded me. "Yes, I'm fine now, thank you."

"You're welcome," He smiled and I nearly melted on the spot. "I'm really glad you're alright. You scared me when I saw you almost fall too the ground."

His green eyes were so piercing that it was making a light blush creep up on my light brown face. I was completely lost for words.

"Oh-uh-um-tha-thanks again," I idiotically stammered. Someone please stop me from making a complete fool of myself!

He smirked. "You're welcome again, beautiful."

My entire face was now turning red as I took in his compliment. Many attractive guys have told me that I was beautiful, so why am I blushing so hard because this insanely attractive British stranger said it me me?

"What's your name?" He asked stepping a bit closer to me.

I shyly looked up at him from my elongated lashes. "Alice."

"Alice," He repeated. "It's pretty; suits you very much!"

"Thanks," I smiled.

"So are you just 'Alice' or does Alice also have a last name somewhere?" He joked.

A soft laugh came from me as I rubbed my arm. "It's Arlington."

"Arlington?" His brows furrowed. "You're related to Mr. Arlington?"

"I'm his daughter," I tucked a loose curl behind my ear.

His eyes widened a bit before he quickly composed himself. "Oh! I didn't realize since you look so different from the other Arlington girls."

Again, his eyes widened. "Wait, I'm sorry that sounded so rude. I didn't mean to sound-"

"No it's fine," I waved him off with a small smile. "I get that a lot, so I'm used to it. I have a different mother than them so that's why we look so different."

"Oh," He said fiddling with is camera. "Again, I'm sorry for sounding so intrusive."

"Again, it's fine," I copied him with a small smirk. "So, what's your name?"


"I told you mine, it's only fair that I get to know yours right?" I raised a brow.

He smiled again as he held out his large hand. "Hello Alice Arlington, I'm Harry Styles."

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