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The picture above is Amy Arlington (Portrayed by Hayden Panettiere)

Chapter Seven

"Knock Knock, it's dad o'clock!" My father enthusiastically grinned from my doorway. "Are you busy?"

Upon seeing my father, I put down my hair brush gave him a small, but warm smile. "No, I was just brushing my hair before bed."

He wasted no time in strolling across my bedroom floor and taking a seat at the edge of my plush grey bed. I figured he was here to talk about my mother's little "outburst" on the phone earlier. At dinner, everyone was acting as if they had to walk on eggshells around me. Ella insists on each of us telling about our day, but when she got to me, I was only questioned on my future plans (as if everyone doesn't already know what I plan to do. However, I still appreciated her effort.

My father on the other hand, was giving me side glances all throughout the dinner, as if he was afraid I'd break down any moment. Daddy still thinks that I'm a fragile little girl.

"You never change Alice," My father chuckled. "Since you were four years old, you always had to brush your hair before you went to bed."

That was true. I can't sleep properly without knowing that I brushed my curly locks. "Old habits die hard I guess."

He gave me a half smile. "Yeah, I guess they do."

I know he's itching to ask me about the phone call but just doesn't know how to start the conversation.

"May I?" He asked, motioning towards the silver brush in my hand.

I unconsciously gave him an uncanny look and he merely grinned. "What? Think you're too grown to let your old man brush your hair? If I remember correctly, I spent many nights brushing your hair before bed when you were too tired to do it on your own."

Well, I can't argue with that. No matter how busy my father was, he always took out the time to spend time with family. Even if spending time means taking a few minutes to brush my hair in the evening. "No it's not that," I quickly interjected. "It's just...you haven't done it in a long time."

He grabbed the brushed and shifted behind me on the plush bed before gently brushing the knots out of my tresses. "Well you never ask me anymore, so I just assumed you didn't want me to."

"It's not that I didn't want you too," I sighed. "It's just, I could've handled it on my own. Or if I was really tired, I would get Amy or Andrea to brush it for me."

He chuckled half-hardheartedly. "Guess you don't need your dad much these days, huh?"

What's he talking about? I frowned as I turned slightly towards him. "What? Of course I need you Dad! You've literally provided me with everything since birth. I went to university because of you-"

"Technically you could've went to university without me, because you got a full scholarship." He grinned as he cut me off.

"Ok fine," I playfully rolled my eyes. "But still, you've done so much for me daddy! Not just financially, you've been there for me as a father. No matter where you were, or how busy you were, you always answered when I called."

"That's because my family comes before anything else," He said before braiding my curls down my back. "That's a trait you should never lose. You especially, since you're probably going to take over the business from me."

Yeah, I forget about that sometimes. None of my siblings were interested in taking over from our father. Andrew was the obvious choice for the position, but he flat out refused and instead, went into modelling with Andrea. Adrianna, the second choice, chose to study anthropology and wanted to spend her working days studying the world's many different cultures. Amy majored in fashion design so that was definitely out. Alvin, the youngest, was actually interested in taking over...until he'd made Justin Bieber his life-long role model and now dedicates most of his time trying to copy him. He's thirteen mind you. Lastly, there was Alyssa, the youngest girl. Her interests concentrate mainly on science and trying to create inventions to fix all the wrong she thinks the world has (such as corn chips, her words, not mine). Alyssa has the potential to be a business tycoon, but her love is for science and thus, won't do a very good job at business if she doesn't like it.

And then there was me. Since no else was interested in taking over the family business, and I was the one who'd majored in something the closest to it, the burden fell on my shoulders. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind taking it over, but just not now. Maybe in my early thirties or so; I just want to live like a normal twenty-one year old right now. My father understood my terms and will continue to run the business until I'm ready. I just hope that I'll do as good of a job as he did.

"Alice?" My father snapped a finger in front of my face. "Are you listening to me?"

"Huh?" I came back to reality. "Sorry I was spacing out. What did you say?"

"I asked who is this boy that your mother was going on about on the phone."

Damn, I knew he was going to ask about this.

"Oh! Uhh-" I stammered. "Do you remember the curly haired guy from the party that I was talking to?"

"You mean the photographer?" His eyes narrowed a bit. "Harry Styles was his name right?"

I gulped. "Yeah him."

"That's who you went out to see in such a hurry yesterday?" He raised a brow. "Ella told me that you nearly bulldozed the door down."

The sad thing is, that isn't exaggeration. "I didn't want to be late for coffee."

"And don't think that I didn't catch those big black duffle bags you brought in." He motioned towards the bags laying in the far corner of my bedroom. "What's in those?"

"Nothing!" I quickly defended. "It's nothing! Just some flowers he gave me!" That wasn't a lie.

"Flowers? In a duffle bag?" He gave me a skeptical look. "Just what kind of fool do you take me for Alice?"

"What?" I narrowed my brows. "I'm telling the truth! There really is flowers in those bags!". I quickly darted over to the corner to sit the bags on the bed and zipped them open for him to see.

"Well I'll be damned," He said gazing at the artificial roses. "It actually is flowers!"

"I told you so," I said in a matter-of-fact tone as I zipped the bags shut.

"But why did he give you flowers in a duffle bag?" My father asked in confusion. "Is that what's hip now-a-days? Back in my day, if you wanted to court a lady, you gave her flowers in a bouquet! And real flowers at that! Not his cheap, artificial crap!"

These flowers aren't exactly for courtship dad. "Well Dad, it's 2016," I shrugged. "Things have changed."

"It's changed a bit too much for me," He huffed before standing up from my bed and resting his burly hands on my shoulders. "You really like this fellow don't you?"

I blushed. "Well, yeah...he's really sweet."

My father sighed. "He seemed like a decent young man when I met him. If you really like him that much, I'm willing to give him a chance."

"Really?" I beamed.

"Really." He smiled back before giving me a hug. "And don't worry about you mother, I'll work on trying to convince her."

"You're the best, Dad" I gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Better believe it!" He laughed before releasing his hug on me. "Now, it's almost midnight and for a man my age, it is past my bedtime."

"Don't forget to take your medication," I reminded as I crawled into my bed. My father was a Type 2 diabetic and he was hypertensive.

"Already did," He waved me off as he made a beeline for the door. "I'm always on my A-game."

"I would hope so."

He paused at smiled at me from the doorway. "Goodnight Alice, I love you."

"I love you too daddy, Have a good night."


"What's wrong with you?" My sister Amy chastised as she took sight of my appearance. "Why do you look like you're dressed for a funeral?"

"I'm dressed casually!" I defended. "We're going to a high school science fair, not a wedding!"

I thought that my appearance was very appropriate for the event. This mid-thigh length, fitted Alexander Wang black slit sleeved knit dress cost a lot of money. I paired with simple black sheer stockings and black flats. Sure the entire outfit was black, but black is my thing!

"Gosh," She rolled her cerulean eyes. "At least add at a tiny bit of colour! You look so dreary!"

"Dreary to you; fashionable to me." I said to her while styling my hair into a half top knot.

"Hey!" My big brother Andrew said from my doorway. "Mom wants to know if you two are ready?"

"Yeah just give me a second," I said before applying a bit of EOS. This is just a science fair, no need for me to wear any makeup.

"You know," Andrew started with a raised brow as he scanned me from head-to-toe. "We're not going to a funeral."

"I told you so!" Amy said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I gave them both a dead-panned expression. "Like I said, we're going to a high school science fair, not a wedding!"

"Yeah, but at least add a bit of colour!" He said. Just like Amy.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance at the both of them. "Fine I'll put in my diamond studs!" I said while putting in the earrings. "Is that good enough for you?"

"Clear doesn't count as a colour." Andrew said with folded arms.

"Well it's the brightest piece of jewelry I have-"

"OHMYGOSH!" Amy screamed as she pointed towards my vanity.

Andrew and I both panicked and I immediately ran closer towards him. "WHAT! WHAT'S WRONG?" Don't tell me it's another cockroach!

Amy pointed her finger. "There! Is that a flower on your vanity? A yellow flower?"

All our eyes were glued to the artificial yellow rose resting on my vanity. I'd taken it out early this morning; remember my amazing day with Harry. "Oh, uh yeah! I got it as a gift from a friend."

"And you accepted it?" Amy asked incredulously. "This is extraordinary! Do you know what this means Alice?"


"IT MEANS THAT THERE'S HOPE FOR YOUR LIFE!" She suddenly screamed; effectively cutting me off and slightly scary Andrew and I.

"DO NOT MOVE!" She breathed directly in my face. "I shall return."

"But mom said that it was time to leave." Andrew interjected.

"I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!" She shouted from the hallway.

"What did you think she went to get?" I looked up at Andrew.

"I don't know," He sighed. "But I do know that mom will kill all three of us if we don't hurry up."

"Ella's wrath is not something that I like to experie-"

"GOT IT!" Amy suddenly shouted as she barraged her way back into my bedroom.

"You know, you're way to hyper," Andrew pointed out.

"Hush," She gave him a pointed look before making her way over to me with a suspicious smile.

"Amy," I started in a warning tone. "What's that in your hand?"

"Oh nothing," She flitted behind me before suddenly pulling something around my neck. "Just a little gift."

"What the hell?" I shrieked as I felt as if I was getting choked. "What are you doing?"

I looked in the mirror to see that she was fastening a chain around my neck, with a small yellow stone as the pendant. "What the hell is this Amy?"

She ignored me and turned me around face her. "There. You look pretty! Doesn't she look pretty Andrew?"

"Uh, I guess?" He scratched his head. "I mean it's just a simple necklace, doesn't really make that much of a difference."

"No, you're just blind," She rolled her eyes at him. "This changes everything!"

"Why am I wearing this?"

"Because my dear little sister!" She rest her well manicured fingers on my shoulders. "It's about time you start embracing colour! Whoever this friend is that gave you that yellow rose, they're an angel sent from heaven! God knew how much it pained me to see my dear baby sister so unfashionable!"

"First of all Amy, you're older than me by literally one month," I deadpanned. "Secondly, what if I don't want to wear this necklace?"

"So you'll accept a yellow flower from a friend you just met, but won't accept a yellow necklace from your big sister?" She dramatically cried. "And to think I shared my room with you when you visited in the summer!"

Here we go again. I love this girl to pieces, but she's so over-dramatic! "Alright, Alright fine! I'll wear it!"

Her fake wailing immediately stopped as she clasped her hands together. "I knew you would see things my way Alice!

"You forced this upon me."

"Guys," Andrew started as he started to look a bit nervous. "I know that mom's going to bust in here any moment so can we please-"

"WHAT ARE YOU THREE DOING!" Ella screeched from my doorway. "Andrew I sent you in here to collect the girls five minutes ago!"

"I tried!" He defended. "But then Amy didn't like what Alice was wearing...and the yellow flower...and now the necklace!"

"What?" Her face scrunched in confusion. "What are you talking abou-"

She suddenly stopped as she caught sight of me. I watched her eyes open in shock and she sauntered over to me. "Are you wearing a yellow necklace?"


"It was Amy's idea." I quickly interjected.

"You look so beautiful!" She cried as she held the necklace. "Oh Alice I'm so happy to see that you're finally wearing something with a bit of expression!"

Is this whole no colour thing as big as a deal as they make it seem to be. "Ella, it's honestly not that big of a deal."

"Nonsense!" She suddenly chirped, making me jump a bit. "This is a milestone for you Alice! Quick, let me take a photo for my instagram page!"

"You have an instagram?" Amy, Andrew and I simultaneously asked with bulging eyes.

"Well of course I do," She scoffed. "It's how I stay up to date with you young people. And besides, I like to show off my beautiful children to the world! Now smile Alice, this one is going to get me a thousand likes!"

Just how many instagram followers does she have. "I honestly don't know how to feel about you being on social media."

"You should feel elated! Your step-mom is hip!"

"MOM!" I heard the shrill voice of my teenage sister Alyssa yell. "THE DRIVER IS HERE!"

Ella quickly put away her phone and grabbed each of us. "WE'RE COMING!" She shouted back.

"Why are you pulling us?" Amy asked as she wobbled in her wedges.

"Because you might get distracted by something else and we'll end up being late."

Soon enough, Ella had dragged us all to the foyer where everyone else was waiting. Alyssa's grinning face came into few when she saw us. "Finally you're here! The driver is here so we should get goi- Oh gosh Alice are you wearing a yellow necklace?"


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