When babies are born, there are five main things that parents love to look at; the newborn's fingers and toes, the tufts (or lack) of hair, their little eyes, and their soul mark.

Every human on earth is born with a soul mark; they all vary in shape, symbol, size, location, and color, so it's impossible for three people to have the same exact one. All of these things have to correlate with the other person's mark in order to know whether you've found the sucker that the universe says is the perfect One for you.

Another thing about the soul mark—if you've found your One, both of your marks will glow; it's a slight glow, but it's definitely noticeable. The thing is, it will only glow during intercourse, so if you still have a smidgen of doubt in your mind, you'll have to do the naked pretzel to find out whether or not you've found your One.

Needless to say, the soulmate industry is huge—it's worth billions of dollars and it goes hand-in-hand with the wedding industry. Hundreds of thousands of people from across the world love to splurge on ways to find their soulmate. Years ago, it was extremely difficult to find your One; without the help of the internet and the media, people just didn't know where in the world their other half was. Nowadays, however…well, let's just say that #soulmark is always trending on social media platforms.

You will literally scroll through hundreds of thousands of pictures on Instagram of people's body parts, all blemished by different symbols in an array of colors, all in the hopes of finding their soulmate. People flocked to Facebook and other media sites to join groups specifically targeting people that wanted to find their One. Thanks to modern-day technology, divorce rates and overall marital unhappiness around the globe are at an all-time low. While the majority of people choose to follow the universe's advice, there are also those who don't believe in the whole mumbo jumbo and decide to disregard the soul mark. Which is perfectly okay, too.

When I was about five years old, I finally noticed my own soul mark.

I discovered it during my bath time when I lifted my arm, only to discover a peculiar symbol that rested against the right side of my torso, right over my two lower ribs. It was of two horizontal copper-colored arrows, something that I would later on choose to relate to Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Moon (and various other things). Although my parents tried to explain as best as they could, it wasn't until I was older that I truly understood what a soul mark was.

My parents are soulmates. They met in college, and from what my dad has told me in the past, he almost didn't ask the "cute brunette" out from his anthropology class because he truly believed that my mom was out of his league. Interestingly enough, my parents believe that you don't always have to find your soulmate to find true love (they dated an entire year before realizing that they shared the same soul mark—until that moment, they had not spoken about the marks). They believed that while the universe gets a say in what it believes is best for us, we make the ultimate choice on whether or not we follow that advice.

They tried to instill that same mentality in me. While I was more open-minded about it than my two older sisters, I longed to one day meet my One. I dreamed of meeting him, slowly falling in love with him, and winning him over. I dreamed of traveling the world together and learning about all sorts of cultures and languages, creating stories and memories to share with our own children. I dreamed of sleepy Sunday mornings and stolen kisses in the kitchen.

What I never prepared myself for was for rejection.

I'm such a sucker for the soulmate trope. It's the bees knees.

This is just a super brief prologue, but I do plan to upload the official first chapter sometime between Monday and Tuesday, so definitely keep your eyes peeled!

Also, if I've made any mistakes, I apologize. I'm running on like five hours of sleep and I've re-written this story far too many times. Just point out any flaw and I will be sure to fix it.

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