This is not an update.

Right now, I do have other commitments that recently came up – work suddenly becoming more demanding, needing to find an additional job, physical health issues where I need to make numerous doctor's appointments per week.

I understand, that as a reader, it's hard not to have updates, because I'm also a reader. It sucks when a story is left hanging. I don't want to do that, and I don't really intend to. However, writers here post FOR FREE. Everything you read is FOR FREE. Meaning, we do not get compensated for writing. Therefore, it's hard to dedicate all of our spare time to it, when it does not pay the bills.

I like to write and I like sharing it with people. But I don't want to feel as if I OWE anyone an update. I especially don't like someone TELLING me that I owe them one. Honestly, this makes me want to write even less. I was trying my best to be positive about the messages, but if it keeps on coming consistently, then I feel a bit hounded. And it's disrespectful. This is a community of writers. We should respect the writing process, as well as the fact that writers are people with real lives.

I will try my best to update soon. I really will. I am working on the story, little by little. Please be patient, and let me do things in peace. If it gets really bad, I may remove this story and this account from the site. It's hard to continue writing, when the joy is taken out of it, and I'm being forced into some kind of schedule.