It's not often that I care about a charity group. In reality I'm sure we all like to think that we're good, kind, charitable people but I know no matter how much I want to think that of myself I'm not. Somehow that coffee or new dress is higher on the priority ladder. It makes sense, we work for our money and we like to use that money for our own benefit. But now I would like to ask people to find something, anything- the spare change down the back of the couch, to give to a charity which does some amazing work.

It's the Crossroads Foundation, and it's a place that's close to my heart. I've been lucky enough to spend a short amount of time there twice and to be able to see the work that they do. There are many things that they do but a big thing they do is collect donated goods from business and supporters and distribute these to places in the world where they're needed. It takes a lot of work and money to check the items, organise them and ship them off. When I was there a group of us spent a few days just sorting clothes and we barely made a dent on it.

Another big part of their organisation is education. I learnt more about those less fortunate than I've ever learnt anywhere else. They have experiences where they put you in the situation of someone who may be blind in Africa, or living in a refugee camp, or has aids and it really makes you realise how lucky you are that you don't have to think twice about buying the new dress.

Now the problem is the land they're currently based on is government owned and they are being forced to move. There's a lot that they're losing with this land and it costs a lot of money to make a move like this. They have to find somewhere big enough, and with housing for the people that work there and somewhere they can do all their simulations and so much more (plus room for the coffee shop where they smell the best hot chocolate and chocolate croissants).

Crossroads is an organisation which I probably wouldn't care about if I hadn't been there and seen the work that they do. Now that I have I know that what they do is so important and really does make a different to those who need it and also that they want people to be educated and really know what it's like to be less fortunate.

So please, if you have a few coins down the back of the couch, or don't really need that coffee tomorrow donate some money to Crossroads, to help them to continue doing their great work.

If you want to know more about Crossroads Foundation you can find it here
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