Written Death

"Stop it! There's no point in this." He said desperately flinging himself between us. There was visible sweat on his forehead and his face was turned in a hollow bunch of fear. I don't know if he was right or not, it doesn't seem to matter anymore, he held his arms sturdily out to both of us, each on either side of him, as if he were trying to form some kind of blockade. It wouldn't work though; bullets go through people just as easily as they go through air. "Can't you see? No victor can walk away from this. Not if someone shoots!" He wasn't looking towards either of us and instead squeezed his eyes shut as he shouted, his words echoing through the empty space. "Shut up and stay out of this. It doesn't concern you, just me and him!" I said forcefully, I had a gun in my hands and right now it was pointing right at him. "No I will not shut up, if one of you wants to shoot you'll have to shoot me! I'm not letting anyone else die!"

"For god's sake, just move! Otherwise one of us will surely send a bullet right through you!" The voice on the other end commanded, "If you don't move your ass just more people will die tonight than necessary!"

"But why?! Why do people have to die tonight? Why does anyone have to ever die?" He whipped his head around to look at me, "Please." He said, quieter now, "Don't let it end like this," His eyes were begging but I griped the gun tighter now.

"Just move."


"I will count to three boy! If you don't move I'll send a bullet through your head!" The voice threateningly commanded. "One!"

"Go right ahead! I'd happily stand in the way of murder!"

"Two!" The voice said, dragging out the number. "If you shoot me now, noting will be gained!" He was firmly holding his ground, just this time squeezing his fists closed as he talked; there was sweat around his head and I could faintly sense a shaking in his arms and legs.

"Last chance!" The voice boomed. He shut his eyes tight and prepared for a gunshot, but something inside me snapped.

Right before I was sure the voice was going to pull the trigger I stuck my foot to the ground and swung myself to the left of him. Holding the gun like a weapon I squeezed out two shots towards the person before the momentum caught up to me. In that moment I could see the alarm on the other gun wielder's face, the realization on the boy's, and my two bullets, missed. Before I even hit the ground I heard an echo of a single shot ring through the area and then I knew.

I barely felt the cool surface of the floor as a searing pain split through my body. I didn't know where it was I just felt red hot agony all over, there was ringing in my ears and blue in my vision, I think I curled into a ball as I felt my arms warp around my legs, but it felt strange, like disconnected. There was an image of a boy kneeling across my vision but everything seemed so far away like I was looking through the wrong side of a telescope.

I heard voices but none of them could be distinguished, it sounded like millions of tiny whispers all right against my ears. There was the sound of crying but so, oh so far off. Upon my mixed up sight I caught glimpse of a motionless hand, sprawled across concrete and I realized it was mine. And I was dying.

There was a spinning feeling and I saw the face of a boy I knew, once long ago. Or maybe right now? I don't think I know anymore. He was whispering something over and over again as tears streaked down his face. I wanted to comfort him, to tell him it was okay but I knew I couldn't do that. Instead I lay in his arms watching the stars above, he was so warm, I felt comfort and all the pain melted away. Like being stripped of all senses. The whispers went away, the faraway images went away, and everything was gone. I was dead.

Then I woke up.