The Story of Jedian Master Lin Zha

Chapter 1 : Beginnings

I was born int he year 1302 ASI (After Sithani Imperium) to 2 knights. I was raised on the capital planet Jedia and i was accepted to be a knight at the age of 9. I already had some saber experience and could fight fairly well. When i was born the Empire of the Sithani still existed and posed a massive threat to the Jedian Empire att eh age of 12 i was sent with my master to the planet of Hona to help break the stalemate against the Sithani, we brought the 101st legion and the 3rd navy. We easily broke the Sithani fleet above and in one massive strike sent the Sithani on a retreat on Hona they could not recover from. I was tasked with leading a cavalry sqaudron down the left flank. We easily wiped up the Sithani army. After Hona we returned to Jedia only to find it under seige by the Imperium as a last ditch effort. Me and my master got into our fighters and took off. We were ehading for the capital ship which is where the emperor was. We landed and we fouhgt our way tot he bridge where the emperor was. We fought him and killed him. In a few months the Imperium fell apart and i was made a Knight of the Jedian Empire.

Chapter 2 : The Civil War

When i was 15 a civil war broke out, The far reaching states of the Empire wanted independence and wanted to create a new nation. The rebellion was called "The Greater Republic of Jedia" many who were loyal just called it the "idiots movement" as the Jedian Empire was almost like a Republic. I was tasked with leading the 5th army against the Rebellion. In a matter of a few hours we had acheived victory but at a high cost. I ordered a orbital bombardment on the cities below. the rebellion lasted about 3 years when i led the 3rd,4th, and 5th army against them above the planet Coruna. We had defeated the rebellion in a matter of hours. On Jedia i was made part of the council of 32. few years later when i turned 21 the Yinjorri Uprising began. We were ordered to crush it and we did. After the war ended we were ordered to kill all children on the planet to prevent the Yinjorri from rising again, i refused and was branded a traitor and a sympathizer. I fled beyond Jedian space and crash landed on a planet called earth.

Chapter 3 : Earth

While i was above earth i was shot down by some Sithani fighters and i plummeted to the ground in a firery ball. I was lucky to survive, i was pulled out of the wreck by a women called Moka, she healed me and it went onf rom there. Eventually we got to know each other more and i think she likes me...maybe...she has hit me a couple times. But that isnt something to get into. I met a few days later youko who is by far the most complicated person ever. She is engaged with a man called carver, they have names in a continent called Kedana. While i was walking i saw 2 men and asked them what they were doin theys aid none of my buisness so i killed em. Youko then jumoed next to me and attempted to hit me i stopped her fist thankfully. Then about 10 Knights surrounded us, we fought our way out and killed every single one. After the battle i forsaw a vision, Youko holding a child and smiling, i told her and she didnt beleive me but one day she will. We seperated for a while i kept trying to adjust to a life without technology...

Chapter 4: The Invason

As i settled into a life without technology i had thought the empire wouldnt attack. While i was in the cave i heard a screaming sound, what youko told me as she heard a screaming sound and 3 metal thngs fly over and fire. I ran outside to find hundreds of thousands soldiers paradropping and about 200 transports landing. I gnited my saber and ran off. I heard later that in Kedana, Skyrim and the eastern and souther regions were attacked though how they did is beyond my knowledge. As i ran to where youko was i saw her decapitating a soldier i ran up to her and asked if she was ok, she responded with a ounch saying that if i had never come this would not have happened, i responded by telling her "the gods wlled our get your saber out and prepare for a fight." knights and soldiers surrounded us and we fought, eventually we killed them all and went our seperate ways for now... As i went after the grand master i ran into the landing pont, after taking out about 30 i was shot int he back and leg, carver came and praticlly massacred everyone. He fought the grand master and killed him but the grand master was able to cut him in the stomach. As i woke up the entiret yof the Army was in chaos but still holding, a few hours later i make it to Youko and Carver short story they try to get rid of me and fail. I was able to come back with a transport. I heard over the radio of a very large force of over 900,000 making its way south from Kedana ar ethye freind or foe? Who knows.

Chapter 5: The Arrival of the Kedani