My first steps in the dark were as eerie as I assumed and the lack of windows had made this room darker than the hallway I had just left. I could hear the winds from the roaring storm whispering through the wood in the walls, but had to keep calm and let my eyes adjust a little to the area. Judging from the long tables spread throughout, I was convinced that this is, in fact the dining area of a restaurant. Probably not a very good one upon noticing that the tables were smothered in dust and covered by musty white sheets. The sour smell was sickening and made me grip the sconce even harder as the planks on the floor squeaked with every step I took.

"It's not completely dead in here..." I said as I took notice of deep scratch marks on some of the tables I passed. Some of the tables had torn cloths and other tables had theirs laying on the floor, sometimes, in shreds.

"Whose out there?" Shouted the voice of that "average" girl from afar.

My eyes quickly reacted to the sound and my crummy vision managed to point me in the direction of a heavy metal door behind a bar. My grip weakened upon realizing that my biggest obstacle was no longer the girl. Instead, it was going to be the fact that this door was sitting on the other side of the room. That was when my next step ended with a crunch sound instead of a squeak. I looked on the floor and noticed I had walked on one of possibly a thousand roaches. My shock had made me jump back into a foot full of even more of them and the heavy breathing of a creature somewhere unseen had made me freeze. It's lungs must of been massive and I could hear two or three legs moving quickly on the squeaky planks. The sound of skin sliding on a hard surface had led me to believe it was crawling.

'All of this must of been recent.' I said to myself. Heck, If the creature wasn't enough of a reason, then the unsettled dust certainly was.

My head began to ache with the image of a little girl in ponytails. Her eyes would water all the time, but she wouldn't dare cry. The vision alone was enough to destroy my unease and tension. It kept me moving to reveal what was behind the steel doors only a good amount of steps away. I didn't care what crawled up my leg or how many insects I had to smash to figure it out. I just wasn't scared.

I didn't care when I heard the sound of a table fall in the distance along with few other tables following in succession. The slithering skin on the surface had suddenly become heavy footsteps that took me back to the memory of that oh so familiar girl crying alone in her closet.

"The girl in my memories..." I whisper under my breath before tripping over some object. I fell onto something that was about the same as whatever had tripped me up. It felt like wet leather and the smell wreaked beyond words... It did not take long to figure out why. "T-This is a... A corpse!" I gasped.

I took notice of a a table in the distance was floating in the distance. It lifted to my exact height before it fell over and smashed into the floor. It fell only to reveal the thing that had made it float.

"W-What the..."

It's face was long, it's beady eyes were sharp, and it's mouth was massive and full to the brim with piranha shaped teeth. And yet, it was not it's presence that scared me. I was not mortified by the ten foot tall monster or it's massive body that appeared to be starving. I wasn't freaked out by it's arms that looked to be seven feet long and connected by three joints. None of it scared me. This monsters presence had made way for a fear that had already come to pass. It had took me back to that little girl crying in her closet and the figure that had opened that door from the other end so long ago. This creature was not like the monster infront of me... She was beautiful. She was everything the little girl had wanted to become and everything she had feared.

"Get up." The woman hissed.

"I-I'm sorry!" The little girl cried.

"I didn't stutter..." The woman interrupted.

The memory cut short as this creature towered over me and opened it's mouth only to reveal a stench that could have rivaled the Holocaust. A smell so fowl it gave me a headache and I fell over into a moment of daze. The monster let out a powerful scream to show off it's power, but all I heard was the voice of that woman.

"I SAID GET UP!" She screamed in my head.

I could see the belt in her hand and how she held it from the wrong end just because she wanted to hit me with the buckle. The woman dug her nails into my hair the same way the grotesque creature was doing now. But the way that monster threw me into the wall was a joke compared to the way this woman had drug that child across the floor and beat her endlessly.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" The girl cried in my head.

No matter how loudly that little girl cried, the beating would not cease. The woman kept swinging the belt and the child's only act of defiance would be the way she used the bruises on her arms to shield her face. That little girl was me... But I could not remember the name of the monster. I could only recall her face. Just with the knowledge I had, I knew that I was not going to let this monster, standing before me, treat me the way that woman did. It might of threw me into a wall by my hair, but it wasn't going to do it again. And it discovered this fact quickly as I threw the rusted sconce clean into it's eye. The creature thrashed around unable to remove it out of it's socket. The second it was able, it found itself falling to the ground the same way that little girl in my memories did.

I stood over the monster who hatefully glared at me from it's position on the floor. It's longing predatory look was insatiable and it wanted me to know it as it pounced onto my body. and pressed onto my chest hoping to break something. I looked over to my right to see that the sconce I had just threw was only an arms length away.

"Hate." The monster said in an elongated hiss. "Hate." It repeated.

"I'm not scared of you." I spit. "There are monsters out there that are far uglier... Maybe even a million times more sinister than you."

The look of hate in it's tiny black eyes had escalated, but the look in my eyes was far meaner. It opened it's moth to bite down, but I grabbed that rusted sconce and I smashed it so hard into the side of his face that he fell over in the same spot he had before. Only this time, he did not get back up.