He spoke with a voice of false friendship, a deceiving tone of kindness.

"Welcome to my apocalypse, my friend."

The recording ended, leaving a blank screen that illuminated the small, cluttered, and dusty basement. The ground floor, above me, was littered with undead, proving to be an obstacle if one were to dare walk there. I was hiding in this underground floor, hoping to find a weapon. That was when I found that tape, labeled with my name. I recognized the voice.

I'm not courageous, these days my fear of the world was only more apparent. Never was I not a coward. I shakily lifted my glance to the dimly lit room, using my flashlight to illuminate the area. I noticed a slightly rusted curtain rod. It seemed out of place, next to electronic equipment on both sides. Though, hope seemed visible, in grasp, as I held it. I, with the recording still in mind, I made my way up the cold, metal steps to the ground floor. I opened the rusted, menacing door.

And I woke up. Blood spilt on the ground, the undead would fall, and I didn't fear. I knew no longer what fear was, and anger, hatred, suffering controlled me.

The same voice that spoke to me, the voice that made me fear, it spoke to me again. Before me, the one who spoke and created death, the one who spoke and created fear. I saw that face, I knew it better than I believed I did. He stood before me, with a smile of false friendship, and a deceiving tone of kindness, and spoke.

"I steal what is mine. I create what a fool would not."

He pulled a gun from his pocket, aimed it at my forehead.

"This is my hell, I created it, I control it. Do you not understand that, my friend?"

I did not fall in fear this time. I held my golden sword as a serpent, ready to strike, with determination I did not believe I had. Taking a step towards me, the glass windows of the room dimmed, and became less transparent. The room began to darken, with only one lightbulb loosely hanging from the ceiling behind him. Eventually he was only a shadow, and there was no gun pointed at my face. I took a step forward, and the shadow fell, as an illusion, towards the ground. My shadow looked up.

"Welcome to my apocalypse, my old friend."