The Reflection in the Mirror

Every night, sometimes day and also when I was alone, the mirror in the bathroom across had an odd reflection standing against my bed when I'm not doing that action,

Looking at me with completely blacked out eyes and to say, ''Why?'', it has been creeping me ever since I was young,

When it spake, it didn't move it's lips and it's voice was described as speaking in whispering tone, omnipresent and less in a demonic manner,

Was it a ghost or a demon, was it a ghost of a deceased friend?

Was it my imagination or did it came from my imagination?

At times when I was extremely scared, it would come out to my room and into my room with saying , ''Why'' in decresendo of demonic tone, but when it did it faded,

Why did it faded, just why?

Did it wanted to play with or frighten me?

Now and when I grew into a young teennager, I closed my door so it wouldn't scare me, but it's still in my room and haunting me,

I wrote this poem to tell you about my ordeal,

I hope that I could help whatever is wrong with it, and find out why is the demon haunting me,