It's a tedious routine, making
lists of every cut and bruise,
anxiously afraid of forgetting
one moment, afraid of letting
go of what has made me who I am.
I am always paying the price.

It has made an outstanding cage,
these four walls see more of me
than any soul has dared to. The
scales on my skin have hardened and
I breathe the fire in, I swallow the
pain. Build up my strength.

Sometimes I forget I'm on my own,
I am mine by right and no biology
can contradict me, my soul is beyond
this universe's reach. I bide my time
until I can truly exist, lungs tight.
I breathe the cold out.

It is safer to realize how alone
you truly are, no one to own you
and no one to own, take their
pound of flesh and burn it down
to ash. The freedom of hurting
inside, when you decide.