The King Of Black Mountain:

The Black Mountain was his home. Home to a being that lived there since the moment the mountain grew near our home. The Black Mountain was one of the highest mountains of the continent: high enough to live in solitary, but not too high to be completely isolated from the world.

At the summit of the mountain, in a cavern made of onyx, a dragon with scales darker than the darkness resided there. The being watched us from above, far and in solitary, only coming out by hunger and thirst.

It was said that this dragon was one of the most powerful one living in our world, and one of the oldest still alive. Many climbed and reached his cavern. They tried to tame the powerful dragon, but none have returned. Many of us gave up trying to find him, but one of us wanted... No... Needed the strength of the dragon and decided to climb up and to tame him, or die trying.

18 June 2296, the day we saw one of us leave.

Prologue: The Darkness Dragon

A young girl was climbing the mountain with her bare hands while having extra weight because of her bag. The cold wind blew on her short blue hair. She put her hand on a black spike coming out of the mountain and pulled herself higher. She used her green eyes to find another safe place to climb and used her hand to grab it.

She looked toward the summit and saw she was getting closer. She found a spot where she could regain some of her strength and climbed there. She reached her destination and put her gray bag on the ground. She took out some dry meat and ate it.

She watched the horizon. From where she was, she could see the lands covered with trees, grass and at the middle of it, a small city with buildings made in a circular way, but from where she was, it was how she was seeing them. She checked if her red shirt and blue pants were damaged, but weren't.

"Okay! I'm close to find this dragon!" she cheerfully said as she cleaned her peach face, showing her Caucasian origin.

She finished climbing the mountain and reached the top. She opened her bag and took out a handle on which a blade could have been put. She opened the handle from the bottom and took out a blue crystal. The crystal was shining, looking like she was starting at a calm lake, "Okay. The Blue Heaven is intact now..." she looked at the cavern mane of onyx stone and continued, "It's time too-" but stopped when she saw a large metallic door, blocking the entrance of the cavern.

She grumbled and decided to check the cavern carefully, until she realised it wasn't a cavern at all as she walked around it. It was a big house having the form of a demi-sphere. The entrance was blocked, but three holes were present toward the top, covered by closed windows except from one.

"Looks like I found my way in," she whispered.

She knew a lot about dragons. They naturally had a powerful sense of smells, ears that could hear an owl flapping its wings, longue serpentine tongue that could taste anything and recognised every flavor, soft, yet solid scales that could protect them from anything sharp and all that combined with a powerful and efficient brain. All of that made them powerful warriors.

She climbed as silently as she could on the walls of the house until she reached the opened window, far from the entrance. She looked inside and saw nothing for a few seconds. Her eyes adjusted in a few seconds to the partial obscurity and found the dragon, just under her.

He was a tall and large dragon with dark scales except his chubby belly and his chest which were gray. He had two silver horns on his forehead, pointing toward the back. He slept on a soft pink bed big enough for him while letting his long black tail on the ground.

The girl realised how lucky she was that the dragon was peacefully sleeping, or he would already be aware of her presence, unless he was pretending to be asleep. She decided to enter inside, but luck abandoned her. Her hand slipped as she entered and felt in the house. She landed on the chubby gut of the dragon. She grumbled when she heard a low grunt near her.

She slowly raised her head and saw the dragon moving his head toward her, showing his large fang as saliva felt on his chest.

"S-Sorry," the girl nervously replied, tempting to move, but knowing that it would only provoke the dragon.

The dragon grabbed her with his large hand and lifted her, moving her close to his face and said, with his deep voice, "Who dares come in my house uninvited?"

The girl assembled her courage and replied, "I am Hiko!"

"You are lucky I am merciful... Hiko," the dragon stood up and walked toward the metallic door, "You should know that no one should wake up a sleeping dragon, or they paid the price with their life," he moved his hand on the side of the door and pressed a red switch, "Now leave. Whatever you want from me, I don't care."

"Wait!" Hiko yelled as the dragon was about to throw her outside.

The dragon stopped and frowned, his tail whipped the ground in frustrations, "What is it?"

Hiko decided to be direct, knowing she couldn't waste the dragon time, "I want you to form a pact with me."

The dragon watched the girl, dumfounded by her demands. He chuckled and threw the girl outside, "Forget it! I don't want to be in any humans business!"

The door closed and the girl was left outside. Her face turned red and looked at the house; she stood up and ran toward the door when the door opened again. The dragon used his tail to push her away and said, "And don't bother knocking, it's sound proof," before closing it again.

Hiko frowned and watched the window when the dragon's head suddenly appeared from there.

"You won't come by the windows either," the dragon told her before closing it.

Hiko crossed her arms and was grumbled, "That annoying dragon."

She walked near the door and started kicking it, "You think I'm going to leave just like that! You are the only one who can help me dragon! You are the strongest and no dragons want to help me because I'm a girl! I'll stay here until you listen to me!"

She sat in front of the door and waited, knocking the door time to time to vent her anger.

AC: This is the end of the prologue. I hope you appreciate it.