It was the fourth day of the tournament and the second round was about to begin.

Sapphire walked toward the stadium, with Guillaume on her left shoulder, to watch the battles of Shadow and Hiko and the other's battle and try to figure out how to fight their adversary. Even so, Guillaume wasn't excited and seemed worried as he pat his partner neck.

Sapphire gazed at him for a second and asked, "What is it?" before looking forward.

"It's... Pand match," he replied.

The sapphire dragon grunted, "Of course it upset you. That black dragon demolished the other dragon face. That's way too much, even for me."

"If they reach the final and us too..." Guillaume said nothing else, but that was enough for the dragon to understand his worries.

"There is no reason to be worried about it. I'm going to defeat that bastard without any trouble," she replied with a grin.

The boy wasn't agreeing with her, "Sapphire. What if he does the same to you?"

"It won't."

He put his hand on her jaw and said, "Sapphire. What if you underestimate him? What if he kills you? I don't want to think about that."

She stopped walking and sighed, "I will not lose."

"Sapphire. If things turn bad, I'll surrender, even if it enrages you," the boy warned her.

She frowned when he heard it, but put her finger on his hand and replied, "I will be enraged Guillaume, but rest assure. I'll forgive you no matter what."

The boy gently punched her cheek, "Thanks."

"I hope fatso win his match. I want to face him at the semi-final," Sapphire grinned.

The boy chuckled, "Me too."

And they reached the stadium.

Chapter 27: The Second Round

Shadow and Hiko entered in the ring and were ready for the next fight. Hiko was a little nervous, knowing that the dragon was a light type, but she was ready to win. Despite what she saw yesterday against the black dragon and the Masked Man, Shadow convinced her to move forward and should keep going until victory.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the fourth day of the international tournament. To our left, we have Shadow and Hiko representing Neo York while to our right, we have Erag and Abel representing Great Berlin!"

Egar was a light type scarlet dragon with bronze eyes and short dark hair and his size was smaller than Shadow. He wore a bronze breastplate with bracelets on his arm.

Abel was a Caucasian man with short black hair and a black moustache and dark brown eyes. He wore a scarlet chestplate with blue pants.

The two dragons took position as gazed at each other's. Shadow knew that Abel, being a light was advantageous against a heavy dragon like him.

Hiko was ready in case the scarlet dragon passed her partner defense.

"Are you ready? 3. 2. 1. Fight!" The purple dragon yelled.

Shadow and Abel charged forward, but the dark dragon slowed down when the scarlet dragon came to his range. He tried slashing the scarlet one with his claws, but the other one dodged it with easy.

Egar tried punched the gray chest of his enemy, but was blocked. Shadow opened his mouth and tried to bite the scarlet dragon, but he dodged. The scarlet dragon took his chance and punched the stomach of the dark dragon.

The dark dragon grunted as he took a few step back.

"That's one point for Egar."

"Are you okay Shadow?" his partner asked.

"I'm fine Hiko. It doesn't really hurt that much," he replied with a smile.

Hiko was glad his belly fully healed before this match.

"Ready? Fight!" the purple dragon said.

Shadow charged first and closed the distance. When he was close, he slid on the ground, taking Abel by surprised and kicked the light dragon stomach.

The scarlet dragon whined as he put his hand over his belly.

"I can hit your gut too," the dark dragon grinned.

"It's one for both side!"

"Good job!" she yelled at her friend.

Shadow joined him and winked at her, "Let's keep it up Hiko. This is still the beginning only."

"The next round is about to begin. Ready? Fight!" the purple dragon yelled.

Agrum and Lise watched the match as it progressed. He scratched his jaw while his daughter observed the match.

"Shadow is doing good. He's still has the same score as the Great Berlin team," Agrum said.

Lise lightly hit his flank and said, "It's two for both of them. Shadow has good chance to win this match with his experience."

"Yes... But don't hit my perfect flank please," the gray dragon chuckled before playing with her hair.

After a while, the purple dragon declared, "At it is now time to bring the weapons!"

Agrum checked the scores, "3 for Shadow and two for Abel. He's getting the head start."

"Abel uses a knife as his weapon. A fast one and advantageous one against Shadow," Lise commented.

Elsewhere, Sapphire crossed her arms as she lightly chuckled, "Looks like Shadow is in trouble now."

"His large sword will be troublesome against that knife," Guillaume agreed.

"If he maintain his range, he'll be fine," the sapphire dragon said before pat at her flank by her partner.

"Let's hope they win so we can fight them."

She chuckled and agreed.

Shadow grabbed his sword and watched the laser knife held in the hand of his opponent. He calculated that it was a short one and without any weight.

"Shadow. His knife is short, but light. If you can force him to block your sword, you can get him," Hiko told him.

"Gotcha Hiko," he gave her a thumb up. His large sword was both his strength and weakness against a knife.

"Ready? Fight!"

The two dragons charged. Shadow slashed, but Egar dodged it and entered in his range. He tried to stab the dark dragon, but missed as the sword was dropped on the ground.

"Careful," she told her partner.

Shadow dodged the knife and maintained a few steps away from his enemy. He jumped to the left. He charged at the scarlet dragon and slid on the ground when his adversary tried to stab him and grabbed his large sword and faced him. The dark dragon prepared to slash toward the scarlet dragon. Egar blocked with his knife and was pushed backward and was about to fall on the ground when Shadow took his chance and punched the scarlet dragon face.

The dragon felt on the ground and grunted as he stood up.

"Shadow made his fourth point. It's four to two. The dark dragon needs only one point to win!"

Shadow returned to his line and turned toward his partner, "Be careful Hiko. Maybe Egar will try to take you if he wants to win."

"Don't worry about it," she replied.

The dark dragon nodded and prepared for a possible final round. He cracked his neck and got psyched in.

"This might be the final round. Ready? Fight!"

The two dragons slowly walked closer as they gazed at each other's, trying to guess what the other one intention was. The dark dragon noticed that Abel was watching him. He jumped back and noticed that Egar was also gazing at Hiko.

"So this is what you are thinking about," the dark dragon said as he took the offensive.

He slashed with his large sword and Egar blocked it with his knife and ducked when the sword came back. The scarlet dragon rolled on the ground when the dark dragon attacked again. He jumped in the air and grabbed the roof with one arm and threw his knife at Shadow. The dark dragon didn't turn it in time and the knife pierced his shoulder and grunted painfully as blood lightly came out.

"Another point for Egar! It's 4 to 3 now. Shadow and Hiko still has the advantage to win this match."

"Shadow!" Hiko said as she ran by his side.

The dark dragon took out the knife and tossed it back to his adversary. He put his hand on his shoulder and said, "Don't worry. It's only a fresh wound."

She put her hand on his leg and the dark dragon winked. She nodded, "Okay."

"Hiko. Never hesitate to yell my name when I'm wounded. I appreciate it," he told her.

He made sure that his grasp was strong and ignored the pain coming from his shoulder. He felt his blood burning inside as he prepared to fight.


The dark dragon charged first, knowing that Egar might try to pass his guard and get Hiko. He slashed with all his strength and the scarlet dragon that blocked it with his knife. Egar almost lost his balance and when the dark dragon was about to strike, the scarlet dragon rolled on the ground and jumped back on his feet. Shadow tried to disarm the other dragon or hit him, but his adversary dodged the large blade and deviating it with his knife.

Suddenly, the scarlet dragon ducked under the large blade of the dark dragon sword and entered in close range. He tried stabbing Shadow, but the handle of the large sword blocked it. The scarlet dragon attacked as fast as he could as the dark dragon barely managed to block the assault.

The dark dragon lightly gulped as he was pushed backward. He knew his large sword was the opposite of the ideal weapon against a short one. He got rid of the idea of blocking it with his hands since it was a laser and it would give a point to Egar since it would melt his scales. He got an idea, but that idea had to wait for the next round when he was stabbed on his flank.

Shadow grunted and took a step back, "Dammit."

"It's not 4 to four between the two team. Only one round remaining!"

Hiko yelled, "This is the round we will win Shadow!"

"You're right Hiko. Those wounds are nothing compared to our previous round," he lightly turned toward his partner, "And I got the perfect plan to reach victory!"

"Ready! Fight!"

Shadow didn't charge and smirked toward the scarlet dragon.

Egar wasn't sure what was in the mind of the dark dragon, but didn't take the grin well. He charged and decided to use his speed and flexibility to win the round.

When the scarlet dragon was at range, the dark dragon let go of his sword and jumped in the air as the knife passed near his tail. Shadow used his tail to grab his sword while he held the bars on the ceiling of the cage. He pulled the sword toward him as grabbed it with one hand. He saw the scarlet dragon hesitated for one second between him and trying to catch Hiko. That second, was what Shadow used to use the ceiling to charge toward Egar. He pointed his sword forward and aimed for the shoulder.

Egar tried to block the blade, but the weight of the sword just slowed the large blade down before it pierced the corner of his right shoulder just before his blood came out. The sword slowed down, but it pierced the membrane of the right wing and made the scarlet dragon yelled painfully. Shadow stopped and pulled his sword out of the membrane, wincing painfully as he silently felt the pain.

"This is it! Shadow and Hiko won the second round!"

"You did it Shadow!" Hiko said as she dashed toward him with a large smile.

Shadow smiled and did the same, which took Hiko by surprised. After he did one step toward her, she pounced against his belly and felt on the ground. The dark dragon checked if she was fine and when she grumbled, he chuckled and helped her stood up with his tail. When she was up, she playfully punched his gut before the duo waved at the spectators and the fans they surely had.

After they walked out of the arena, Shadow walked toward the VIP section with the girl on his neck.

"We won the second round Hiko. We are going closer to fighting the Masked man and Pand."

"Yeah," she grumbled. She chased her worries away and said, "Why did you come toward me after you won?"

"I wanted to do the same. I'm not that hurt and I was happy," the dark dragon chuckled. He tapped his belly, "I'm sure you love pouncing on me."

"We should hurry and see who the next dragon we will fight is," Hiko said.

"You're right," Shadow replied.

They reached the VIP section. Agrum and Lise waved at them, "Congratulation on you two. It was a fabulous match."

"That's right," the dark dragon replied as he sat beside the gray dragon while Hiko climbed down and sat by his side.

"As for the next round, it's either going to be a Heavy dragon or a medium one. So you will have a more advantageous round," Agrum told him.

"That's good," Hiko said. She pat the dark flank of the dragon and heard him lightly purring.

"The next match is in three days," the dark dragon said.

"Yes. Then the tournament will be a match per two days," the gray dragon warned them.

They watched the match and a medium dragon with bronze scales won the match with his scimitar.

"Looks like you will have to fight that dragon," Agrum chuckled.

"Excuse me," a blue dragon in kimono said.

Lise climbed on Agrum and hid between the flank of the two dragons.

"What is it?" Agrum asked.

"I have a message for Shadow and Hiko from The Emperor," the blue dragon said.

Hiko climbed on the dark dragon stomach and looked at the blue dragon.

"What is it?" Agrum asked instead of them with a smile on his face.

"They are invited for a supper with The Emperor," the blue dragon replied.

Agrum turned toward Shadow with his eyes shining like stars that made the dark dragon lightly nervous, but he got the message, "I want my sponsor and his daughter to come with me."

The blue dragon grumbled nervously and thought about it. Eventually, he asked, "Are they your friends?"

"Agrum raised me and protected me in Neo York until I found Shadow. They are family," Hiko yelled at the blue dragon.

"Then... No problem then," the blue dragon replied before bowing, "My deepest apology."

"No problem," Agrum replied.

The blue dragon walked away.

Agrum joyfully grabbed Shadow breastplate and said, "This is the craziest and most awesome thing of my life! We are going to meet the emperor!"

The two dragons felt someone punching them. They looked down and saw Lise squished between them.

"Sorry," they said.

Hiko returned where she was sitting.

"Once the tournament is finish for the day, we are going to meet him in person," the gray dragon declared.

The dark dragon grumbled, "You better not fanboy all over him," he looked at Hiko and said, "Comfy? I don't mind you stay on my gut."

She replied, "I'm okay here."

He played with her head and smiled, "Then let's relax until we go to the diner... And hope Shogunaga doesn't separate us again."

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