Of the Sick Girl and 'Patascience

"Give me something."

She laughed. "What for? So you can practice your silly pseudoscience?"

"Yes! Now just give me a metaphor!"

She sat in the easy chair with a blanket around her shoulders and a cup of tea in her hands. My friend, my nearest, dearest friend, sat and gave me the most amused grin I've ever seen her give me. I added another log to the fire as she thought of something to fed me. Once I sat back down, I saw the she has decided to entertain the fact that I was completely engolfed in understanding 'pataphysics.

"Okay, how about... The river was a winding blue ribbon?"

"Hmm... The river was a winding blue ribbon holding my friend's hair back."

She gave me a tight smile. She was trying hard not to look at the length or ribbon the kept the longer strands from her face. "That's ridiculous," she retorted. "A river isn't holding my hair back."

"But can you be certain?" I debated. "'Pataphysics doesn't necessarily have to affect our world, our time."

I ceased my talking as a fit of coughing set about my friend. I worried about her illness, but then I began to wonder. 'Pataphysics is the science of imaginary solutions...

What if I could help my friend and her illness?

A/N: What am I doing.

I am not an expert in 'patascience or 'pataphysics. I'd appreciate any comments on this story!