It just takes a look in the mirror. I see my golden canopy with matching cream lace and lights that turn colors based on my mood. My vanity wears moving selfies and messages from every boy on Snapout with a sharp jaw and six-pack.

I'm Katrina Gevra, I tell myself, and today, I feel like a gangster.

I got filthy rich without moving a single finger, and I get to have whatever I want- pretty much like a gangster.

I get to wake up and slip into a hot bath, ready for me the moment I wake up. My shampoo comes from a jar worth more than most girl's fanciest dresses, and my soap smells like real brown sugar and honey.

While I dry off and slip into a goose down robe, look at what I'm gonna wear today. Not some sleazy last-season getup. The thrift shop is my dumpster, not my store. Don't try to imagine the old-fashioned thermals and skinny jeans on me.

I wear short chic dresses and sexy, tight jeans. There's a dress code, but I don't break it; I make it bow to my whim- because I can.

I wear shoes that girls would kill for. Side-Zip high top sneakers are a great gift from Italy, especially if they got here before Mother.

I even wear jewelry to school. Don't believe me? I'm putting on my Niache Point Blank necklace right now. Yeah, that's sterling silver, and I wear it to school- because I can.

I'm untouchable at school. My territory is 10th grade and below. My sister takes care of the seniors and juniors.

Anyway, need further proof?

Look at where I live. I can see the whole downtown New Amsterdam from my penthouse.

How about this? I don't go on transit trains to school. I get a limo to drive me. Every day.

Want to shoot me while I'm sitting in there, sipping squeezed juice and listening to the Ballroom Philosopher? Nope. The windows are bulletproof glass, and the driver's last vehicle was a tank.

Want even more proof? My Dad probably helped your parents split so we could afford to bring in Echo Riley for my sister's 16th Birthday. Y'know, the most popular singer out there? The New Amsterdam native with a flair for light-up pianos and bracelets?

Yeah, HER! And we LOVE her! Not meaning to brag, but Sara killed it on stage with her.

Watch me strut up the school's stairs like I own the place, insult a girl's dress in front of the principal, part the boys in lust and the girls in shame.

This is my life. This is how it began and how it will end- with a large grin on my face that would make even senior boys swoon.

Today the school, tomorrow the world.

I am a fuckin gangster. Deal with it.