"It's 5 in the morning on November 25. Today's my birthday!"

I told myself when I awoke. It was my birthday. Just as I got out of bed I looked at the time, it was 5 in the morning! When I finally got it in my head that it was that early, I got dressed in my favorite clothes. After I was dressed I went to look for my family.

I looked everywhere in the house but could not find them. Finally I figured out that I had forgot to look on the back porch, and looked there. But before I got there I looked at the back door from the kitchen and it was part way open. Hopping they were on the back porch I went back there. I was about to open the door when I noticed the note on the door. I read it and it said:

Dear Hannah,

Come to the field across the street and follow the orange flags.

Love, Mom, Dad, and Granny

I had to read it twice and went back inside to put my dog, Cooper, on his leash. Then I went to the field and found the flags. I followed them behind the house to the right, through the field on the other side of the house, and into my uncle's house. When I got inside the house I heard something I thought it was the wind, but it was footsteps.

The footsteps were coming closer to me. In a shaky voice I asked, " W-who is it?" Yet nobody answered. About a minute later the lights came on and all my friends and my family came out and yelled "Happy Birthday Hannah!" After I recovered from all the excitement we all had some cake and ice cream. When we were done eating, I opened my presents. When we were done with presents, we went to my house.

When we got there my friends and I played in the back-yard. We played Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, and Dodgeball. I got hit in almost every sport we played but it was fun. At about 8 everybody went home.

"That was the best birthday I ever had in my life" I told my family. I gave them all a hug and we went to bed and told myself, "Yes, I am finally 13!"