Part: I.

(We want the real thing, but is there one? We never settle..)

How can love exist

If no one knows whats true?

A bittersweet and fleeting moment,

A tantalizing residue.


Someone ties the knot,

Proclaiming their devotion.

While another tips the bottle,

Drowning their emotions.

(Seeking it, in different ways. Often in desperation..)

We're breaking hearts,

Chasing every possibility.

Deciphering stars,

With astrological ability.


It's such a silly game we play,

Seeking our ideals -

Hesitating - when expectations

Don't agree with how we feel.


Such broad assumptions

Keep us so estranged.

Far-reaching effects,

But some shit will never change.

(The lies, and twisted hand of fate, can strip it all away..)

And love seems doubtful

When the lips we long to kiss,

Speak nothing more nor less

Than devoted lip service.


In one cruel moment all hope can die,

How far can one heart bend?

Damaged goods and broken lives,

Our souls are on the mend.

(A life devoid of love is meaningless..)

The scars run deep,

Afflicted minds and bloody skin.

Getting by, inch by inch,

Till the memories wear thin.


Let's cry for love,

And lasting death.

Let's cry for love,

There's no more left

Now i must insist,

This is only half the poem

From a weary optimist..




12 February, 2016

Why did you play me:

"So This Is Goodbye" by William Fitzsimmons

"Tomorrow Never Comes" by Big Head Todd and The Monsters

"Ex-Factor" by Lauryn Hill

"Wandering Star" by Portishead

"Without You I'm Nothing" by Placebo ft. David Bowie

"Cry For Love" by Iggy Pop