[The gardens of a large estate in Victorian England. Lady Alana & her sister, Lady Isabel are taking a stroll]

Isabel: It sure is a lovely day, sister.

Alana: (Slight sadness)Yes, it is.

Isabel: (Concerned)What's wrong?

Alana: Oh, I just heard the most dreadful news!

Isabel: (Concerned)What is it?

Alana: Our brother! He died in a duel!

Isabel: (In disbelief)A duel? With who?

Alana: John.

Isabel: I thought they canceled that!

Alana: So did I.

Isabel: Well, Alana, that's what you get for falling in love with a servant.

Alana: (Taking offence)You can't help who you fall in love with, Isabel!

[They are silent for a while]

Isabel: (Afraid)Alana, what will this mean for us? Edwin was our only brother, and he left no children. And we are only teens! We can't run a household!

Alana: What does our age matter? We are mature, we've been groomed since birth on how to run a household. But the law, & Uncle, aren't on our side.

Isabel: Only for the next two years. When you're 18, you will be an adult, and take over.

Alana: I'm afraid that won't happen. Uncle's so power hungry. Father's imprisonment & Mother's death has clearly changed him. He's gone from kind & just to Charles I. He'll never let me be Baroness in anything but name!

Isabel: Fear not, dear sister. Uncle is old.

Alana: Old & bitter!

[Servant enters]

Servant: My Ladies, I bid you good day.

Alana & Isabel: Good day.

Servant: Your Uncle has requested your presence, Miladies.

Alana: Thank you. We'll be right up.

Isabel: Without delay.

[They leave]