"So you're tellin' me," Edward said to him, "that this trains just gonna be haulin' around three million bucks?"

"I don't know the exact figures, but… yeah, that's what I'm telling you." The five of them sat on the edge of a small hill facing the tracks. They drove a long way to get here. This was the spot that the train would cross that was as far away from any police respondance as it could get. They still knew that it needed to be done quickly and cleanly because the police would be racing there, and more than likely some G-men too. He looked at his Ford and the new Bentley parked next to it. They were parked on the tracks. If this went all to plan, the cost of those cars would be nothing.

Before anyone could say anything more, they saw the train coming from the east, just as scheduled. They all backed behind the small hill to provide cover for what was coming. The train was speeding quickly, and now it was in earshot. The rhythmic beat of the spinning of the wheels reached their ears. They heard the screeching of the engineer putting on the brakes, hard. But it was too late. A few seconds after the loud screeching of the brakes on the tracks, the train collided with the two cars parked in the middle. He lifted his head up to watch it. The leading train engine slammed into them and immediately the train was lifted off the tracks. For a moment it seemed to be riding on the cars themselves, then it tipped its moving self off to left, into the open field that was there. The damage was colossal. The train dragged itself for several feet before it finally stopped on its side. They all rushed in.

They all ran up to the train and climbed its wheels until they were on top of it. Arthur and Earl took care of the engineer on the inside while everyone else, Fred, Edward, and him, took care of the money. He looked all the way down the length of the train. The money had to be in one of these. He unloaded the dynamite and handed as much as he could carry to Fred and Edward. He told them to start blowing the train open. They ran off down the length of the train carrying the dynamite. He looked down at the red stick and pulled out his lighter. He lit the wick and laid it down and ran.

It was only a minute later when Edward shouted to him. "Hey! Holy shit, here it is!" He and Fred made their way over to him. Down in the explosion-sized hole was a messy load of money.

He gathered himself. The police had to be close. "All right. All right, good. We'll make a line unloading it. Edward, hand the money to Fred, then hand it to me. We'll get as much as we can and then we're gettin' the hell outta here."

They all lined up. He pulled the car up next to the train and he took the money that was handed to Fred. He tried to count it but he lost track after 1.8 million. About five minutes later, they heard sirens. He called to Arthur and Earl and they came out of the train engine. They all loaded into the car and they made off away from the sirens without seeing a single police car.