The Adventures of David and Connie (The Playground)

By Shadowgate

13 year old David O'Connor along with his eight year old sister Connie, and their mother Linda went to the newly built playground in their subdivision. When they arrived there they saw lots of other children having fun. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. David just bought a new basketball. Linda was happy to see a new playground that the kids could enjoy.

David started shooting hoops and Connie got on a swing. Linda sat down with her laptop computer.

(15 minutes later)

An old lady was heard screaming "don't piss down the fucking slide."

Everyone looked up and saw a long haired teenager urinating down the slide.

One woman yelled out "I'm calling the police."

The teenager pulled up his pants then jumped off the slide. He flipped off the old lady then took off running.

Linda was furious and she yelled at both David and Connie "if either one of you ever do that you'll get the spanking of your life."

David yelled back "well we didn't!"

Linda growled and then all the kids got back to playing. One child commented "I don't want to go down the slide it has pee on it."

Three families left and one parent went to get a bucket of soap and hot water.

30 minutes later two mean boys in bandannas started pushing children.

When they pushed Connie O'Connor that was when David gave both of them bloody noses.

It wasn't long before the two mothers of the bullies showed up and started screaming. Linda got in a screaming match with them and luckily for Linda her friend Officer Wanda Morgan pulled up and witnesses corroborated David and Connie's statements.

Later that evening when Barret got home from work he asked "how was your visit to the new park?"

Connie answered "horrible" and David answered "you should have seen mom threaten to knock out two ghetto trash bitches."

Linda just groaned and Barret said he didn't want to hear anymore.