This is the prompt that i had for this essay.

When we hear the word "culture," many different images may come to mind: we may think of culture as a quality certain individuals possess (or don't possess); as an experience associated with art, literature, and education; as a popular phenomenon that represents societal beliefs and values; as a substance that is grown or cultivated; or as something that distinguishes one group of people or one geographic area from another. Whatever definition of "culture" springs immediately to our minds, however, we may conclude that culture has the power to affect humans deeply, shaping our lives, characters and perspectives; we're all, in various ways, products of the cultures we live in.

For this assignment, then, you'll need to compose an essay demonstrating how some aspect of culture has helped shape your life or character. Possible topics include (but are certainly not limited to) a travel experience where a foreign culture—or a realization about your own culture—has challenged your worldview; an encounter with a cultural object (which might range from a Beethoven symphony to a billboard and beyond) that has influenced you greatly; inclusion in or exclusion from a particular group that has contributed to your language, behavior, or character; or your cultivation of a particular value or trait.