Author's Notes:

This is loosely based off the Shakespearen style of sonnets, which is important in understanding the last two lines.

Regardless, Lord Wezel hopes the most gracious reader enjoys this poetic offering of love and longing.


I gaze longingly at her glorious eyes,

The brown-hued orbs ensnare my soul again;

Dark locks of her hair frame her vibrant face.

Her smiling expression warms me within.

I find myself hopelessly, cluelessly-

Pathetically smitten! She's caught me-

Within her spirit's iron-grasp, so that

I'll ne'er be free from her! I dare not flee!

My Love, she outshines a thousand starlights.

Her black hair is like a magical veil.

The sun itself basks in her warmth and love.

There is nothing on this planet like her!

Alas, my heart breaks for she's a painting,

My crumbling soul will ne'er know love like hers!