Black and Red

Black and red, dancing on my skin,

Telling stories to hide the ones that make my life.

Black and red, weaving over my arms,

Each time they are carved into my soul, more than my body,

For every mistake, for every tear, for every wound that doesn't show.

Black and red, crawling up my face,

Painting a picture that is as intricate as the life I live.

Black and red, seared over my heart

Inked with the hurt I lock in its chambers, smeared with the pain I carry in my veins.

Black and red, for every story untold

Black and red, for every word unsaid

Black and red, for all the hurt I've caused

Black and red, for the life I've longed for.

Black and red, twin flames,

And my singed, scarred heart

Swirling in the embers beneath their ashes,

Between the sparks that flicker and wane

In the colors that transcend the spectrum,

Yet falling into the clutches of something ephemeral.

So, black, for the ashes that were once magnificent flames

And red, for the ones that will burn golden.

Black and red, etched into me.