Coryn and Fin scrambled into the house. Coryn paced the living room while Fin ran upstairs. "Mom! Dad! Wake up, Rein's in trouble." He ran into their room and flipped on the light.

Marcel cat up in bed shielding his eyes from the bright bulb in the ceiling. "What's wrong?"

Nadya propped herself up on her elbows to watch her younger son expectantly. "We've got to go to Hounds Hall. Rein's in trouble." Fin said quickly. "Wraiths got through and took him."

Nadya bolted out of bed and rushed to her son. "Did they touch him?" She pleaded as she placed her hands on his shoulders.

Fin nodded slowly. "He cried out in pain but he's a magical being not just a human with magic. He won't die."

"No but they'll block his magic. He won't be able to shift home." Nadya said desperately before turning to her husband. "Get Bree, we have to go to Hounds Hall now."

She and Fin ran downstairs to draw a shift circle on the kitchen floor with a marker. Coryn was beside herself and let Marcel wrap an arm around her shoulders and tucked her into a fatherly embrace. "We'll get him back." He whispered.

Fin glanced over at them when he finished drawing. Nadya took a sleepy Breanna's hand and took her to the center of the circle. "What's going on?"

"We're going to Hounds Hall." Nadya explained.

At that Bree became more alert and excited. Then she looked around the room. She looked up at her mother. "Where's Rein?"

Coryn went to down to her knees next to the little girl. "He's waiting for us on the other side." She pulled Bree to her.

Marcel stood in the circle with them. Fin nodded to his mother and the blue light engulfed them. Once it dissipated they stood in Hounds Hall. Marcel took Bree by the hand. "I'll see the guards and put them on alert." He took Breanna with him knowing she wouldn't go back to sleep anytime soon.

Nadya turned to Fin. Coryn watched as they wordlessly communicated. Leena still in her bed clothes followed by her husband pulling on his shirt entered the hall. The little woman went to Coryn. "Princess, my lady, we weren't expecting your return for another few days." Leena said in concern.

"Wraiths came into the other world and took Rein." Coryn said in a rush.

Corbin went to Fin as he and Nadya broke out of their trances. "I can't sense him." Fin said as he put his hands on his knees to catch his breath.

Nadya dropped to the floor just as breathless and in complete distress. Leena sent a servant just coming into the hall to fetch her lady some water. Fin stood again but was still breathless as if he ran several miles. "Jos. Jos might sense him. Rein is his source of magic." He pulled out a small landing circle he had made as an amulet to shift quickly to Red Stone Keep.

"Source! The map at the spring." Nadya stood and went out to the courtyard to draw her own circle. She didn't have the talent to use small shift circles to shift herself like her younger son.

Coryn followed her. "I'm coming with you."

"My ladies." Leena called. "Your both not dressed." She said motioning to Coryn's strange clothes of a T-shirt and blue jeans and Nadya's long satin night gown.

Coryn turned to the Lady Asby. "Send me."

"And me." Corbin stepped up. "We'll go to the map and look."

Nadya nodded and finished drawing the circle. Corbin and Coryn stood on the lines and runes as Nadya sent them to the spring.

The shirt startled the guards on duty when Coryn and Corbin landed. He stood straight realizing it was the princess and the second in command of the Asby armies before saluting them. Corbin returned it quickly before he and Coryn rushed to the map room.

The room was dark and empty. Raul was nowhere to be seen. Corbin grabbed a torch from the wall and quickly followed a determined Coryn up to the giant magical map. She froze when Corbin let the lanterns and candles. Suspended above he map was the crossed flaming swords piece, Rein's piece. It hovered at Coryn's eye level and rotated slowly.

"What does this mean?" She asked. Her teary blue eyes turned to Corbin.

He shook his head. "I don't know." He whispered.

"Where is he?" Nadya demanded as she ran into the room. She wore a simple shift of a dress. The first thing she probably found and easiest to put on. Her feet were still bare and her hair hung freely down her back. She stopped short when she saw Rein's piece floating above the map. "Roal!" She yelled. "Someone wake him!" She cried out desperately.

"I am here, sorceress." The old man shuffled out of the shadows in his bed clothes. "What is it…" He paused at the map. "Sir Rein."

"What does it mean?" Coryn demanded. "The Wraiths took him and we can't find him."

The old man shook his head. He opened his mouth about to speak but no sound came out as Rein's piece vanished altogether.

"No!" Nadya cried out as Corbin pulled her to him to comfort his lady and good friend's mother.

Fin and Jos scrambled into the map room with Marcel in tow. "What happened?" Marcel demanded as he went to his wife. Nadya sobbed uncontrollably into his shirt.

Fin turned to Coryn who seemed slightly more composed but not by much. "Rein's marker vanished in front of our eyes." She whispered. "He's dead."

"No." Jos shook his head and went to Nadya. "Your son still lives. I can feel him."

"Can you, Jos?" Coryn asked. "Can you really?"

He nodded. "Just as I know when he is in Ethentia."

Coryn gave a small sigh of relief. "Still, we have to find him." She turned to go out of the room and ran.

The princess ran through the keep until she came to the cave. Determinedly, she made her way to the spring and stood at the water's edge. "Where is he? I want him back now. I want him home with me." There was silence, no movement from the waters. Still undeterred, Coryn screamed, ranted, and railed but Jacer would not answer.

Then once she was exhausted, Coryn dropped to the soft moss and sobbed. "Please at least tell me something."

Still she was met with nothing but cold damp silence.