[Curtain stays closed. The drawing room of the castle. Servants are waiting. There's a knock on the door. Phoebe answers it.]

Phoebe: Good lord!

Dan: What is it?

Phoebe: The Master's barley alive!

Charles: Bring him in!

[Bonnie enters, aiding an injured Beast. Servants help her, and make Beast sit down.]

Luke: What happened?

Bonnie: He saved me from a pack of vicious wolves, but, he was badly injured as a result.

Phoebe: He's waking up!

Bonnie: I can heal him. I need a bowl of warm soapy water.

Phoebe: I'm on it.

[Exits. Beast wakes up.]

Charles: Hello, Master.

Beast: Where am I?

Charles: Home, Sire.

[Beast grunts in pain at his injuries. Phoebe returns with a bowl of soapy water with a cloth hanging out of it.]

Phoebe: Here you go, Miss. (Hands Bonnie the bowl)

Bonnie: Thank you. (To Beast) Now, hold still, this may stink a little.

[Bonnie tries to put the cloth on his worst wound, but he keeps moving away.]

Bonnie: Just, hold, still.

[Bonnie puts the cloth forcefully on Beast. He roars in pain.]

Beast: (Yelling)That hurts!

Bonnie: (Yelling back) If you hold still it wouldn't hurt as much!

Beast: (Slightly calmer) If you hadn't run away, this wouldn't have happened!

Bonnie: (Slightly calmer)If you hadn't frightened me, I wouldn't have run away!

Beast: (Thinks) You shouldn't have defied my orders.

Bonnie: You shouldn't give orders that dehumanize people!

Beast: Well, you… (Thinks) should find a cure that doesn't sting.

Bonnie: You should learn to control your temper!

[Awkward silence. Beast offers his wounded limb to Bonnie, who treats it. Beast winces.]

Bonnie Cont.: By the way, thank you, for saving my life.

Beast: (Genuine) You're welcome. (Pause, looks at Servants who give him encouragements.) Bonnie?

Bonnie: Yes?

Beast: I'd like to say, I'm sorry about losing my temper earlier. I try to control it, but, I don't know how.

Bonnie: Why not?

Beast: Never needed to. Sad to say, I've never really grown up.

Bonnie: (Placing a tenitave hand on him) Is it because, you're scared to leave?

Beast: You're lucky, Bonnie. You know what it's like to walk among other people, and not be judged.

Bonnie: You're wrong.

Beast: Why?

Bonnie: Whenever people see me, they think, or say, "There goes the Inventor's elder daughter." or, "There goes the Bookworm." Even when my family was rich, they'd do it, but there was more respect then.

Beast: How do you manage?

Bonnie: By reading. It provides a great escape and hope.

Beast: Hope?

Bonnie: Yes, hope that one day, things will be different, and I'll finally get my happy ending.

Beast: That's a nice thought, but not all endings are happy.

Bonnie: Beast, may I call you that?

Beast: Yes, for the time-being.

Bonnie: Well, I know what you're saying is true, but it never does to focus on the negative. If you always see the glass as half-full, instead of half-empty, you'll always find an answer, be less depressive and live longer.

Beast: You seem very wise.

Bonnie: Thank you.

[A moment of silence. Servants encourage Beast to talk.]

Beast: Bonnie?

Bonnie: Yes?

Beast: Remember what you said about Spinning Wheels?

Bonnie: Yes. I, like this castle, have been cursed.

Beast: Cursed? Wait, how'd you figure this place was enchanted?

Bonnie: You've got animal-people and talking objects. Either this is magic, or some crazy advanced science.

Beast: Oh, uh, continue. (Sudden and seemingly genuine) Please.

Bonnie: Very well. It all started ten years ago.

[Curtain rises to reveal a beautiful garden. The drawing room stays the same. Young Bonnie & Young Clara enter, happily playing. Old Woman enters, she looks shabby and very poor.]

Witch: Excuse me, children. (Young Bonnie & Young Clara look at her) Could I speak to the Master of this House?

Young Bonnie: Yes, Ma'am, we'll go get him.

Witch: Please hurry.

[Young Bonnie & Young Clara exit. Back of stage darkens.]

Beast: Then what happened?

Bonnie: We offered her a place to stay, but she was unhappy…

[Back of stage relights to show the living room of Young Bonnie & Young Clara's manor. Young Morris, Young Bonnie & Young Clara are relaxing. Witch enters.]

Witch: (Angry)There you are!

Young Morris: And there you are. We missed you at dinner.

Witch: You sure?

Young Morris: Yes, we gave you directions and told you when we would eat.

Witch: No you didn't!

Young Morris: I swore I did. Although I'm not sure you were paying attention.

Witch: Exactly, you didn't make sure me, your guest was listening to you!

Young Morris: I-I'm sorry. I swear it won't happen again.

Witch: That's what you said last time! You aren't worthy of your status. (Transforms into a beautiful woman) You must pay! For your mistreatment, you and your family…

Young Bonnie: (Shouting) Hold it! Ms. Sorceress, I was there when Papa gave you the directions to the Dining Room and when mealtime was the second time, and you were fully paying attention.

Witch: You are a brave little girl.

Young Bonnie: Thank you.

Witch: You are also foolish for interrupting me.

Young Bonnie: Why?

Witch: Because it's rude to interrupt, at your age you should know!

Young Bonnie: I'm only eight.

Witch: You're still old enough. You need to be punished for your ignorance!

Young Morris: But she's only…

Witch: (Shouting) ENOUGH! For reasons I stated earlier, Morris, I hereby curse you and your immediate family to live a life of misfortune until you or one of your daughters fall in love with and marry someone of poverty. And Bonnie, before the sun sets on your 18th birthday, you shall prick your finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and enter a sleep-like death. The only way you can awake from that is to be given true-love's kiss.

[Witch disappears.]

Young Clara: What do we do now, Papa?

Young Morris: First, we ban all spindles from the house and places where Bonnie may contact them. Then, we enjoy our lives as much as possible.

[The back of stage darkens. We shouldn't see Young Morris, Young Bonnie & Young Clara exit the stage.]

Bonnie: You can pretty much tell what happened next.

Beast: Don't worry, You won't have to worry about spindles here. Charles!

Charles: (Coming towards them) Yes, Master?

Beast: Remove all spindles from the castle! Bonnie's not to touch them, by any means!

Charles: Yes, Master.

[Charles exits.]

Bonnie: Thank you.

Beast: You're welcome.

[Stage darkens. Stage relights to show Servants center stage.]

Dan: I'd say things are going well.

Phoebe: So would I. It's only been a few months, yet they are falling in love. And wasn't it romantic of the Master to give the library to her?

Charles: Yes, it was. It's also good that the girl doesn't have Stockholm syndrome.

Luke: What's Stockholm syndrome?

Charles: It's when a kiddnappie develops feelings of trust or affection towards their kidnapper.

Luke: Oh. How do we tell the difference between love and that?

[Taxman enters with Taxes, unseen.]

Charles: I have no idea.

Dan: I still can't believe the circumstances. What are the chances that Bonnie's also enchanted?

Charles: One in a million.

Phoebe: What I don't get is that the terms for her curse is more complicated than ours.

Luke: What do you mean?

Phoebe: Well, for us, the spell began immediately. And to break it, the Master just has to fall in love and to have that special someone love them the same. But for Bonnie, the spell won't affect her until she pricks her finger on a spindle, and only if it's before her birthday.

Luke: And to break it, she must be given true-love's kiss. Now I get it. Well, what you were saying.

Charles: I never understood magic.

Taxman: (Coming up to them) Hello friends.

Phoebe: Oh, Perseus!

Phoebe runs to Taxman and acts flirty. Taxman acts the same. Dan gets jealous, and he grabs Phoebe and romances her to her delight.

Taxman: I have the month's taxes for you.

Charles: Oh, good. You know we don't really need them.

Taxman: I know, but His Majesty insists that half of all taxes paid to him, go to his son, your Master.

Charles: I thought it was only 30%?

Taxman: (Caught off-guard) Well, he changed it.

Charles: When?

Taxman: Here are your taxes. (Hands Charles the taxes) I'm meeting my nephew soon, you must excuse me.

[Taxman hurriedly leaves.]

Dan: Well he was in a hurry.