It was the night of December 31,1999;the eve of the millennium

By: Casual Writer and Crazycoco

It was the night of December 31,1999;the eve of the millennium. The hype was building up outside Times Square. Crowds of people were outside huddling together for warmth; impatiently waiting for the new millennium to arrive. There were 31 minutes to go.

Throughout the hype, while crowds of anxious innocent people waited, a man in a small darkroom at the top of the tower was in the midst of constructing a deadly bomb. Calmly looking at his watch, he was taking careful note of the time knowing that his task must be completed before the clock struck midnight. Tediously and carefully, he was placing bits and pieces of the bomb together like an intricate puzzle.

11:45pm; 15 minutes to go. Puffs of nervous breaths filled the air. The people were completely oblivious as to what was awaiting them.

11:50pm, 10 more minutes to go. The man had completed his task. With a small-satisfied grin, he quickly and skillfully wiped away any traces of evidence of him being there. Slowly and quietly, he got up and left. The only object to be seen was a small shiny metal object with a red digital screen counting down from 10 minutes.

11:55pm; 5 minutes left. The proud mayor of New York City stepped out onto the platform to speak to the thousands of excited citizens who were in anticipation of the big moment.

11:59pm; 1 minute to go. The Mayor had finished his speech. A silent hush filled the crowd as everyone intensely waited for the countdown to begin.

Several city blocks away, a man in a dark trench coat could be seen boarding a train out of New York.

The countdown had begun. The crowd began to shout.

"10" the darkroom, the bomb was set.
"9"....The metal dial clicked, the countdown started on the red screen.
"8"....Children were shouting with the crowd. Everyone was holding their breath. The small whir of automatic signaling was stirring in the bomb. There were now 4 seconds left.

"3"...The Mayor got up and joined the countdown.
"2"...This was the moment everyone was waiting for.