The black oil clouds thunder across the sky like a teeming chariot

The black oil clouds thunder across the sky like a teeming chariot. Huge giant monsters cluster together, spreading far and wide. A black legion of warriors strong and robust. Ready for war.
An insurmountable tension rises. All is deadly calm. Slowly in the distance, a soft rumble as canons are being placed. Arms are equipped and ready.

The air dusty and dry gradually becomes seductive and moist. Teasing and soaking into the atmosphere. Hot thick humidity presses in from all sides. The sharp acrid smell of earth and plants mingled with fear.

Then an explosion of lost tension. The sky rips apart. A roar of pain and anguish leap out from the depths of mother earth. A rush of hard rain falls, like bullets onto the ground. Puddles of her blood spread and liquify lovingly onto the ground.

Canons are shot off everywhere. Booming and echoing across the valley. Another roar of anguish from mother earth. The wind howls and shrieks. An angry beast demanding its prey. With desperate rage it ferociously tears apart at trees. Clawing and ripping them to shreds. Screaming in anger and frustration.

Lightening stabs across the sky. Luminate, jagged sharp daggers that tear the skin off mother earth. Leaving many scars of burnt black on the ground.

Rivers of clear glistening blood flow freely across the land. Cries of pleas and mercy from animals everywhere grow stronger, louder. A huge crescendo of misery and loss. Then becomes a silhouette in the background.

A sudden rush of chaos merges altogether. The screaming caterwauling wind. Thunderous shouts of excited black monsters. Roars of mother earth entwining between anger and pain. Buffets and gusts of sharp icy air billow about. Trees and plants slapped and beaten to the ground. Insane innuendos of howling animals and creatures begging for another chance. Then silence.

Like a curtain sweeping across the stage, the clouds part. Halos of light from heaven itself shone upon the spreading grassy valley below. Forest green to emerald to lime. Colors embraced the sky. Deep yellows, lemon colors, maroon to ruby red. With deep velvet violet to lilac. Flaming fiery orange merging into a sea of navy blue to ocean. Clouds of rolling white frothy foam.

The sun appears, a shining face of God himself. Embracing the earth, healing the wounds and scars. Soothing the loss of grief and life.

Fresh scents of wet earth, pollen washed away. Perfumed flowers heavily induced by droplets of rain. Birds chirping songs of joy, bursting into melodies of the new day.