The Creepy Caterpillar

There once was a lonesome Caterpillar who lived high in the tree tops under a cosy leaf. She would watch the world with wonderment, for it entranced her very soul, but sadly, she was too afraid to venture out and explore. Even from the wistful distance, nothing could feel more deeply than she did of the world. From the gentleness of sunlight, to the starry sky, to the bright blue sea and all the creatures which elevated the soul of the earth itself were beloved by Caterpillar.

One day, whilst the sun shone brightly across the serene forest, a cool breeze gently coaxed her out of her leaf. Amidst the treetops Caterpillar saw a most majestic sight to behold.

"Oh my!" she gasped, her mouth still rightly ajar in awe. "What is that most benevolent Angel I see before me? With wings of golden greens etched in plaid, made by the fairest hands of God himself! I must get a closer look!"

Eagerly, Caterpillar crawled creepily nearer and rose on her many legs to view the most wonderful being in all the land. The creature effortlessly glided in the breeze, like a mythical creation spawned by a poet in the deep slumber of an enchanting dream.

"He-hello there." Caterpillar spoke before she even realised it, so enthralled by this exquisite entity.

The Butterfly swooped down to Caterpillar's tree, clasping his wings closed behind him ceremoniously.

"Did you beckon me?" Butterfly asked rather quaintly.

Caterpillar turned a horrible shade of red, her otherwise slimly glow blushed like a fallen sun.

"Um…" Caterpillar mumbled, retreating back to the safety of her leaf.

"You beckoned me, did you not, foul creature?!" The Butterfly repeated rather sharply.

'Foul? You think me foul?' Caterpillar wilted inside, her tiny heart crackling like frozen ice.

Noting her ardour and sensitivity of his remark, the Butterfly smirked dreadfully and asked, "Do you admire my magnificent wings?" Arching them out in proud display.

Caterpillar simply nodded, gawped in spellbound, momentarily halting her crawl back to the leaf. His songlike voice swelled in her tiny ears, his lustrous eyes dwelled on her with sweetness.

"Well, I am the most beautiful creature you have ever seen, am I not?!" Butterfly admired his own vanity and twirled in shameless display.

"They're… you're… very pretty." Caterpillar said shyly, causing the rest of her skin to turn a pinkish red like a worm.

"So, do you travel alone?" Caterpillar asked, intrigued to know more.

"I do not travel, I glide! Like a King! And how dare you ask such an impertinent question!" He boomed and his countenance instantly assumed the deepest gloom of a shadow.

"Certainly, it would be very impertinent for me to trouble you with any inquisitiveness of mine." Caterpillar said and lowered her head shamefully.

The Butterfly shifted uncomfortably and replied, "I have no acquirement of company. This world of plagued rats are inequitable beasts. So I choose to forever remain in the clouds, looking down at all in contempt..." He looked at her accusingly and clasped his wings tightly shut.

Caterpillar saw right then how this creature was destroyed by misery, and a poignant sadness washed over her. He was so gentle, so wise, yet his mind was so cluttered in disregard and hatefulness, even with his unparalleled eloquence and finery, a subtle loneliness radiated from Butterfly, tainting his otherwise perfect attire.

Several moments passed but Butterfly did not depart. Instead the quietness seemed to unite them in bond. An untold affection grew for her guest and Caterpillar smiled at Butterfly, in poor recompense for his past sorrows seemingly endured. Yet, Butterfly remained bitterly deplored with false pride and a rather sharp tongue which kept her at a distance.

Butterfly was strangely taken by Caterpillar's reverence and virtues, even as a hideously creepy creature she held such benevolence, which he had never known before. Certainly, he could not let this rare opportunity pass...

"I am fond of this tree," said Butterfly with a yawn and he nested down to rest, wrapping his majestic wings around him in cocoon and went to sleep.

Caterpillar gazed at him adoringly, her small heart beating like monsoon rainfall after centuries of wait. Finally, she too nested down under her leaf as her heavy eyes closed the sight of her new friend before her. Neither words, nor any bodily expression could describe the gift she had been bestowed. Her smile glowed brighter than the moon.

As the morning sun steadily rose in the sky, Caterpillar opened her eyes. She stretched out all her many legs and shuffled out from under her leaf in eager excitement.

Butterfly was still wrapped in his cocoon, softly snoring. His colourful wings were more beautiful than she had remembered. Caterpillar hurriedly went to fetch her biggest strawberry from her secret food supply so they may dine in a glorious breakfast.

When she returned Butterfly was hovering in the air, his wings appeared to glisten in the sunlight like a thousand diamonds coated them with soft green silk woven delicately in-between.

"I… I've got some breakfast for you." Caterpillar said happily, a wide smile arching her peculiarly small face.

"I do not dine with creepy filth." Butterfly said with a sneer on his lips. His wings flapped nosily in midair.

Caterpillar placed the strawberry down in a huff.

"You are a bad Butterfly!" Caterpillar said with a small fist shaking in the air.

"Then you have learnt your lesson, little one." The Butterfly laughed wickedly and took off in flight. In the distance his face darkened, despising itself for not quelling the dark within.

Bathed in tears Caterpillar retreated to her leaf in haste, and within her a hate grew.

A few days later, after much quiet sulking, Caterpillar wove herself a soft cocoon of silk and buried herself inside it, safe from all fowl creatures of the world forever. The cocoon gently swayed in the soft breeze, sunlight warmly coated her in glorious heat as she slumbered peacefully hidden within.

"Eww! Look at this weird thing!" A voice boomed in her ears, disturbing her most blissful sleep.

Something prodded her cocoon and it violently shook from side to side.

"Let's kill it!" Another loud spoke loudly.

Caterpillar screamed, holding her cocoon with her many little arms and legs for safety.

"Eww! It's making a disgusting squeaking noise!" The voices roared in unison.

Caterpillar continued to scream. She even called for the Butterfly, hoping he may save her from this dreaded fate. Sadly, in her woe she had placed her cocoon in a unfortunate position, which her mother had warned her never to do.

Another prod shook her cocoon, almost breaking it from the hold of the tree branch.

"Please!" Caterpillar sobbed bitterly, powerless to prevent the attack.

A final hefty whack sent Caterpillar flying through the air and, like a majestic creature, she glided in the air a moment before landing heavily on the hard ground.

A foreboding darkness loomed over her, blocking out the once glorious sunlight, and crushed her tiny life form to pieces.

Blood poured from the now broken cocoon, as Caterpillar lay in an indignant mess. The clouds blackened in anger, rain crashed down on the earth in heavy fury. There she laid alone, but it was not to be her final resting place.

The rain carried Caterpillar away, flowing in a small river of blood and water across the land. Sunlight shone brightly on the river of blood, turning it into a magnificent rainbow. All colours shone in a glistening display of beauty, unmatched by any creature on earth. Slowly, Caterpillar's remains sunk away into the gutter and disappeared forever from the ugly world.

The End.