The Hottest Major.

Stumbling up to the table the young man and his friends have occupied all night, Cliff places the latest round of beers on the table nearly spilling the contents. "What took you so long, did you have to stop and ponder the universe?" Brett teases the Philosophy major. Cliff rolls his eyes as laughter engulfs the table. "Don't you know boys, Philosophy majors get all the ladies" he states proudly wiggling his eyebrows in a provocative fashion.

"Prove it; you see the hot chick in the red dress at the bar?" Seth points as the guys all take notice of the brunette woman in question. "Since women can't resist a philosophy major, go get her number." Seth shrugs as he takes a sip of his beer. Cliff chuckles at his friends goading taking a large chug of his beer for courage. He slams his beer on the table in front of his friends, wiping away the drips of beer above his lip with the back of his hand he makes his way to the brunette.

Cliff takes a seat on the empty bar stool to the right of the woman. "How's it going?" Cliff questions as the woman places her mix drink on the bar to face cliff. "Good how are you tonight." The woman questions amusement lacing the words dripping from her red lips. Cliff sighs dramatically, "I'm in pain from the weight of life" he responds whimsically. The woman hums urging him to continue as she holds back a smile. "One word frees us of all the weight of pain in life, that word is love." The woman throws her head back in laughter, Cliff smirks knowing he has her on the hook. He turns, giving his awestruck friends the thumbs up while the woman was still distracted. Wiping the tears from her eyes the woman opens her blood red lips to respond, "Oh darling, Socrates will not get you my number or in my pants, I'm more of an Aristotle girl." She snickers patting the defeated Cliff on the shoulders as she turns her attention back to her drink.

Cliff shuffles back to his friends with his tail between his legs. "What happened to philosophy majors get all the ladies" Seth cackles. Cliff huffs with a pout chugging the rest of his beer. Seth pats his friend on the back, "you see my friend its literature majors who get all the ladies, no woman can resist Shakespeare." Seth smirks proudly, adjusting the rolled up sleeves of his black button up. Strutting up to the bar next to the woman he leans against the bar on her right, clearing his throat to get her attention. The woman pulls her attention from the bar tender to Seth. "Good night good night, parting is such sweet sorrow. That I shall say goodnight till it be morrow. My fair Juliet you could save me the sorrow of our parting by gifting me your number." Once again the woman throws her head back in laughter. Seth knowing no woman is capable of resisting his charm sends a wink to his friends. Stifling her laughter the woman leans close to whisper in Seth's ear. "Romeo and Juliet was a three day love story between a seventeen year old and a thirteen year old, it ended with the death of several people including the suicidal lovers. I think I'll pass on your love story darling."

Seth blushes bright red, stuttering and stumbling the entire way back to the table. "Shakespeare really worked for you." Brett and Cliff laugh with a high five when Seth sits with a huff. "Let me show you boys how it's done. Physical education majors get the ladies, who could resist this sexy body" Brett flexes. Brett puffs out his chest strutting up to the brunette who is snickering at something the bartender just said. Brett throws his arm around the woman's shoulder, opening his mouth to talk. The woman held her hand silencing Brett before he could utter one syllable. Lifting his arm off her shoulder she pats his cheek, "cocky is not my thing." She turns her attention back to the bartender effectively ignoring Brett.

Brett returns just as his two friends had defeated. "I bet she already has a boyfriend" Cliff offers as an explanation for their wounded pride. His friends quickly agree why else would she resist all three of the guys. The guys continue drinking several more rounds occasionally glancing at the woman in the red dress hoping for a glimpse of her boyfriend. A guy eventually walks in taking a seat next to the woman who gives him a big hug, kissing him on the cheek. "See, I told you boys she has a boyfriend" Cliff slurs. "Uh I don't think that is her boyfriend." Seth points out in shock…..

To be continued…..

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