So sorry this is so late, life kinda happens. So here it is the last chapter of the hottest major. There might be a follow up story from Morgan's view to fill in some holes. So thanks for the reading and reviewing hope you guys enjoy.

Picking up his fresh beer from the bar he waves goodbye to the brunette sitting back down at his table. "Dude how the hell did you do that" Brett yells out in shock. John shrugs once again " I had a good idea why Megan shut you all down, I was right." the guys glance around still trying to figure out what just happened. "Well?" Cliff drunkenly yells out, "Why did she shut us down but not you?" John chuckles "Well you seeā€¦."

"Well you see, I told her I wouldn't share with you guys so sorry. If you want to know you are just going to have to ask her." John says scratching his head as his friends groan in complaint. "Dude, what the hell!" Seth says throwing his arms in the air. "Bro's before hoe's dude!" Brett shouts punching John's shoulder lightly. "Guys, chill. She said to tell you guys better luck next Friday." John groans out rubbing his sore shoulder. "Huddle up guys, here is the plan" Cliff says.

One week later

The guys arrive at the usual time on Friday, glancing around the bar there is no sign of Megan. "John, you said she would be here, what the hell man?" Seth says still glancing around the bar. The guys wait another hour with no sign of the mystery woman known as Megan. Just as all hope was lost, the mystery woman walks in with a group of other women. "Dude she has back up" Brett says his mouth remaining open as he ogles at the women. The women walk past the guys, Morgan gives John a small half wave as she sits with the girls at a table not far from the guys. "Ok guys do you remember the plan we-" Cliff begins only to be cut off by Seth. "One of them is coming to our table." Seth points, to a woman in form fitting black pants with a white blouse and black rimmed glasses, and strawberry blonde hair pulled up in a messy bun completely confused.

She takes a seat next to Cliff smiling widely " Hey you must be the fan of Socrates. My advice to you is to get married, if you find a good woman you will be happy, if not you'll become a philosopher." She shrugs patting Cliff on the head returning to the table with her friends. Cliff still in shock mumbles "She just quoted Socrates, I found my dream woman." The guys share a glance unsure of what just happened. "Dude's round two," Brett says as a short brunette with a pixie cut nearly skips to their table, her ankle length skirt flowing around her. She sits down on a startled Seth's lap, "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind." She hums before she kisses Seth's cheek, sliding off his lap she skips back to her friends who are dying with laughter. "She...she just quoted Shakespeare to me." Seth stutters, rubbing his cheek where she just kissed.

The guys have no chance to recover before an athletic blonde with her hair in a tight pony tail struts over to the table. Leaning against the table next to Brett she says, "My friend tells me you are cocky, good thing I like that." She smirks looking down at Bretts crotch with a wink. He quickly covers himself with his hands blushing bright red as the blonde struts back to her friends with an extra sway in her step. "So much for you being cocky Brett." Alex chuckles to a still blushing Brett. Just as Brett was about to respond to Alex's ribbing a brunette with long curly hair in ripped jeans, a black Leo zodiac t-shirt throws her arms around Xander's shoulders. "I must be the Sun and you must be Earth, cause the closer we get, the hotter you become. Unlike my friend over there I'm not wearing softball pants, so this ass might actually be in your league." She pecks Xander's lips, strutting off to the bar. Xander leans back falling out of his chair with a loud thud.

John sit's in the corner secretly videoing the entire fiasco, chuckling glad Morgan was kind enough to give him a heads up. Alex glances up to see the last of the girls walking towards him. He having the luxury of learning from his friends mentally prepares himself. "Hey beautiful what's your name." He mentally pats himself on the back for getting the first word. You can call me Paul Revere, because I would like to give you a midnight ride. I assure you they don't call me a Rough Rider for nothing." The smirk quickly falls from Alex's face as the blonde swipes his new beer taking a swig before walking off.

John nearly falls out of his chair at the looks on the faces of his friends. The women all stand, walking towards the guy's table. "That boys is how you properly use a pick up line." Morgan smirks as the women leave the awestruck guys and the dingy bar behind. "What the hell just happened?" Cliff mutters. "I think we just got owned dudes." Brett says.

Outside the bar

"Morgan that is the most fun I've had in weeks!" The athletic blonde says. "So John figured out why you weren't interested right?" The bartender cautiously asks Morgan throwing her arm around her shoulder. "He does Sam." She smiles leaning into the bartender. "How long do you think we can mess with them before they actually ask us on a date?" The brunette with the Leo t-shirt asks. The women all shrug placing bets. "So same time next week ladies?" The pixie asks as the women laugh agreeing to keep it going. "Who do you think was the hottest major?" The brunette with glasses asks pushing her rims back on her nose. The women shrug saving the question for another day, afterall they have some celebratory drinking to finish.