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I wake early in the morning, blinking slowly. I groan, rolling onto my side and staring around my room. The clock says it's 5:00 in the morning. I groan again, closing my eyes.

Too early . . .

I open my eyes, the early morning sun hurting them. The clock says 6:30. Better, I guess.

I stand, walking over to my closet, pushing the hair out of my face. I grab the doorframe, my body unsteady from standing too fast. I quickly dress in a nice looking outfit - a pink polo shirt and a tennis skirt. Hey, I didn't say it was New York nice. I slip on some ballet flats and run a brush through my hair. The natural beach waves tame themselves. I pin my cheekbone length bangs back, nodding at the reflection. I apply a little bit of mascara and some lip gloss, then I grab my bag and head downstairs. I rush into the kitchen where my mom is in her bathrobe, her hair still wet, sipping coffee. "Morning mom," I say, opening the fridge. She looks up. "Good morning honey." I pull out the milk and grab the box of frosted flakes. I make myself a bowl and wolf it down. "Slow down hon, wolfing it isn't good for you." I shrug, finishing the spoonful I shoved into my mouth and sticking my dishes in the dishwasher. "Oh, by the way," My mom says, looking up from her newspaper, "Christian is taking you to school." I freeze. "What?"

"You heard me babydoll."

I sigh. Christian is my next door neighbor, and we don't really speak. We go to church together, and I think he goes to youth group. I do not. "Why?" I ask her slowly, not turning. "His mom and I were talking yesterday, and I mentioned having to drive you since you refuse to get your driver's license." I cringe. It's true. What? I'm scared of the government. So sue me.

"Mom . . ." I start complaining, turning. She holds up her hand. "No more complaining Saoirse. You're going with Christian, end of story."

"I have tennis today mom."

"And he has swim. He'll take you home after."

"What about dance?" She sighs. "Honey, you walk to dance after school, okay? You do it all the time."

"I walk home from school."

She huffs. "We're not going to argue. Go brush your teeth." I nod, meekly turning and hurrying up the stairs. I brush my teeth, then walk over and make sure my curtain is drawn.

Yes yes, not only are we neighbors, we happen to have windows that face each other. So cliche. But I always keep my curtains closed. Yes, I am narrowing my eyes at you all, you little perverts. Of course I don't watch him or anything, what kind of a creep do you think I am?

I grab my tennis bag from by my bed and hurry down the stairs. I grab my school bag. "Bye mom!"

"Bye sweety, have fun at school!"

I open the front door, walking over to the Matthew's driveway. Christian's little sister, Lillianna is waiting by his car. She's in middle school. "Hi Saoirse!" She says cheerfully, smiling widely at me. I smile back. "Hi Lil. What's up?" She rolls her eyes. "Christian is taking forever again." She sticks her tongue between her teeth, making a funny face. I giggle. "Isn't he always?"

"YES." She says exasperatedly. I smile. "So," she starts, looking at me, "I hear we're giving you a ride to school."


Their front door opens just then, and Christian hurries out, looking at us suspiciously. "Whaaaat . . . ?" He asks slowly, his steps slowing. He pulls his keys out as Lilli and I shrug. "Nothing." The car beeps and we climb in, me in the front for some reason. Lilli raises her eyebrows at me, smirking. I roll my eyes. Not this.

Yes, everyone thinks Christian and I should date. But you know what? I don't wanna date. I want to be me and single until the day I find my soulmate and get married. And then, I'll be happily married. Okay, maybe I'll court before engagement, but that's it. I don't do this whole dating thing. I've seen too many people get all broken over it. My best friend, for example. She's spending the year trying to work herself out of a depression in an institute. And you know what stinks? I can't visit her. Or call her. Or-

"Are you listening?"

I blink. "I'm so sorry, what?" I ask, looking over at Christian. He sighs, rolling his eyes. "I was just saying I have to drop Lil off first. Is that okay?" I nod quickly. "Oh yeah, whatever needs to happen, that's to-totally okay! I don't want to intrude on anything. By the way, thanks so much for the ride. I didn't know about it until this morning, otherwise I probably would have talked them out if it." A small smirk plays at the corner of his lips as he turns the corner. "No problem."

Is he laughing at me?!

How dare he, I think sullenly. We pull up in front of the middle school and Lillianna jumps out. "Thanks for the ride Christian!" She yells, rushing over to her friends. He waves, then puts the car in drive again. "Off to school we go," he says, pulling onto the street again. I start humming the seven dwarves song 'It's off to work we go'. He raises an eyebrow at me. I huff, crossing my arms, the humming stopped. "I'm weird, okay?!" I snap, turning away from him in a pout. He chuckles, turning into school. "I wasn't judging." I pause, thinking his words over. Whatever. I don't care what he thinks. I don't care what anyone thinks. "Thanks for the ride," I say quickly, hopping out and grabbing my bags. "No problem," he says again, getting his bags out. "Meet me here at five?" I nod slowly, turning and walking toward the school.

Ah, wonderful school! How I love it so . . . !


How I do not love it so.

Sucky building.

I quickly step inside, the humid air and smell of sweaty teenagers reaching my nose. I crinkle it, wishing I could stop breathing. I manage to make it to my locker without keeling over. Thanks the Lord. Seriously. There was one day where I totally passed out from the smell. Yeah, not cool. What makes it worse is that the nurse didn't believe me that I passed out from the smell.

I open my locker, grabbing the books I'll need. Then I hurry to the gym, where I open my locker there and put my tennis stuff inside. I freeze on my way out. ". . . dating her now?"

"I told you, we barely even talked. And it was our mothers who came up with the idea."

"Is it true that she refuses to get her driver's license?" A pause. "I don't know. I really don't know her all that well. I mean, she seems really nice, but I think she must be pretty shy."

"So get to know her! I hear she has a feisty side."

"To be honest, you can't be a serious sports person without a feisty side."

"Too true bro. Too true."

I hurry back to the main part of school. Was Christian just gossiping about me? Oh, I am so giving him the cold shoulder. He totally asked for it.

School goes by relatively quickly. Wait for it . . . I actually enjoy school. NO WAY! I know! I'm a total psycho! It's crazy. Best part? Hearing that other people's lives are more screwed up than mine. (Evil smirk . . .) Yes, I know, I'm totally going about this the wrong way. I'm sorry, sometimes I have attitude problems. So sue me. Really. Maybe I'll win and get a bunch of money from you.

Lunch is no major event. I sit in the corner, enjoying my loneliness. Yes, I like sitting by myself in the corner. Got a problem with that? I most certainly do not, get off your high horses. Not everyone needs friends. Seriously . . .

I enter fifth period history. Unfortunately I am late, and the only available seat? Next to . . . you guessed it. Christian Matthews.

Okay, I'm not gonna lie, the kid is mighty good looking. Yes yes, teenage hormones talking here. His dark brown, fluffy hair is just adorable. It always looks like he just rolled out of bed, but perfect at the same time, ya'know? And his emerald green eyes have this beautiful softness to them and really pop because of his pale skin . . .

Shut up Saoirse.

I slip into the seat next to him, not even glancing over. Score for me! I did it!-


I blink, freezing as I reach down to get my notebook. I sit back up, looking over at Christian. "Hi."

"I hear the big tennis competition is coming up," he says casually. I'm so on to you boy . . . I know what you're doing. "Yep," I say, popping the 'p'. "Few weeks. Now hush. I'm trying to listen to the teacher." He raises his eyebrows, but doesn't say more. Thank goodness. He's already taking up my stupid thoughts. It's like . . . oh my goodness! Maybe he's mind controlling me! Maybe he's inhuman like Lincoln! Maybe-

Shut it Saoirse. Seriously.

I look over at Christian suspiciously. He must feel my stare because he looks over at me, a little surprised. I blush slightly, looking away. What the heck?! ME blushing?! Maybe he really is inhuman . . .

When the bell rings I rush out of class. I hear footsteps behind me, but I don't turn. "Hey Saoirse!" Gosh my name sounds nice from his voice. Shut up stupid hormones. You're not wanted here. I turn slowly, gripping my books to my chest. "Yes?"

"Hey, I was thinking . . . ," he scratches his ear nervously. Wait . . . Christian Matthews nervous?! What a monumental day. "Yes?" I prod gently. "I was thinking . . ."

"Yes, it's fine if you don't want to give me a ride home, you can totally ditch for your friends. I walk home all the time, it's cool." I start walking away. "No, Saoirse, wait! Please." I pause, huffing. "Out with it Matthews, I'm late for class!" I snap. Oops. Didn't mean to say it like that. He blinks. "Uh, right. Right, yeah . . . Look, I-" The bell rings. Hallelujah. "So sorry Matthews, class," I say quickly, rushing off. I take deep breaths. What is this kid doing to me?

They say senior year is the best. But being a junior isn't so bad either. I mean come on! Senior means you're leaving. Junior means you have one more year to see your friends. Which would you pick?

I grab my tennis stuff from my locker, walking toward the tennis courts. "Hey Saoirse!" Natalie calls, waving at me from the courts. I wave back. "Hey Nat!"

"So," she asks as I set my stuff on the bench, "I hear you came to school with Matthews. You guys dating yet?"

"Good grief Nat! Not you too!" I complain. "My mom simply complained to his mom about driving me in. So, Matthews gave me a ride. End of story." She looks disappointed. "Okay. Although seriously, you should jump his bones." I stare at her in shock. "What?! I don't want to!" She says hurriedly. "I think you should!"

"When have I ever given the impression I want to jump someone's bones?" She raises her eyebrow. "Sophomore year? Tennis tournament? Blonde tennis competitor?" I blink. "Oh. Right. He was pretty hot." Natalie shrugs, smirking. "Just saying."

"Yeah, it's probably good he left so early."

She chuckles.

Practice isn't anything major. Nat and I team up to practice doubles. She of course tried to gossip part of the time. "Focus Nat," I told her gently.

As I'm packing my stuff up, Bridget Daniels walks up to me, her twin brother Benjamin behind her. "So," she asks, jutting her hip out, "you dating Matthews?"

"Will everyone just shut up about that?! NO!" I shout. She looks surprised. "Whoa, Saoirse, I was just asking. Geez." She walks off. I huff. "I'm kinda glad you're not dating him," Benjamin pipes up. "Why?" I ask quickly. "Because I want to go out with you." He says bluntly. I blink, my jaw dropping. "Uhh . . ." He laughs. "Gee Saoirse, no need to look so shocked. I know you're not into the dating thing. A guy can hope."

"Ummmm . . ."

"Just shut up Saoirse."


I pick up my bag, quickly walking back to the school building. I walk towards the pool, knowing they won't be out of practice yet. As I step into the pool area, a cozy sort of humidness envelopes me. I smile slightly, leaning against the wall. I think they must be playing some sort of water game. Sharks and minnows? I don't know. I like to swim, but I've never done anything on a team. I only swim in pools though. Beaches? No. Too many fish and other dangerous things. Yes, I'm scared of fish, okay?! Don't judge me you judgmental people.

Someone's waving at me. I wave back, smiling involuntarily. WHY are you waving at him?! I tell myself, lowering my hand. I cross my ankles, blushing slightly as I realize none of the guys are wearing shirts. Look, I live near conservative people, okay? The guys wear shirts in the pool. Don't critique me, I know you were.

I stare down at my shoes until they all leave to get change. I have really cute shoes. I didn't bother changing out of my tennis shoes. They're bright pink with black swirls on them. The laces are white.

"Hey babe, whatcha doin' here?"

I look up. One of the guys who hangs out with Christian is standing in front of me, smirking. "Uhh . . ." I cross my arms nervously, looking back down at the ground. "I'm waiting."

"Well, as long as you let me check you out, I'm cool." I frown, looking up at him. "You're so perverted! I don't like you!" I shout, grabbing my bag and slinging it over my shoulder as I walk away. I think I hear him laughing. How dare he. I'm gonna really hurt him.

"Saoirse, wait!"

I keep walking.

I wait by Christian's car, where he finally catches up to me. He's panting. "You know you walk really fast?" I nod. "And you know I hate running, right?" I nod again. He takes deep breaths. "I don't think I like you," he says finally. I sniff. "Good. We're even. Unlock the car." He sighs, pulling his keys out. As soon as I feel the lock give, I open the door, and throw my bags on the back seat. Christian climbs in silently, starting the car. He backs out.

When we're on the road, he turns to me. "Uh, sorry about Blane. He's . . ."

"Just shut it." I snap. "I don't care what he is, he put me in a bad mood."

"Okay." He says quickly.

We pull in front of the middle school, and Lillianna comes dashing out. "Gah, could you take any longer?! I was dying!" Christian raises his eyebrows. "You know I had swim."

"Duh, I'm not stupid," Lilli mutters, crossing her arms. "Are you taking me to dance?" She demands. He nods. "I am."

"Where do you take dance?" I ask Lilli. "I take it at the academy in town."

"No way!" I exclaim, turning around. "Me too!"

"No way!" She screeches, jumping in her seat. "We could totally carpool!" At that I pause. "Uhh . . . no, I walk. It's okay."

"I don't mind driving you," Christian cuts in. He turns at smiles at me before turning a corner. I blink. "Um . . . thanks I guess." He nods. "MmHmm."

We stop by our houses and Lilli and I grab our dance stuff. Then we join Christian, who surprisingly is waiting in the car, texting. "Ready?" He asks, looking up as I slip into the passenger's seat. I nod as he sets his phone down. "Yep."

"Ready~!" Lilli shouts. I cringe. "Does she have a volume control?" I whisper to Christian. He smirks at me. "Nope. You get used to it after a while." I smile slightly, looking out the window.

Christian pulls in front of the academy, stopping. "Have fun," he says as we grab our stuff. Lilli hurries out with a "thanks Christian!" I grab my bag, slowly scooting out of the car. "It's been fun hanging out. Well, sort of hanging out," Christian says. I freeze. Then a small smile creeps up my lips. "Yeah."

"You finish at seven?" He asks. I nod. "Okay. I'll pick you up when I pick up Lil. Is that okay?" I smile, turning to look at him. "Yeah, that'd be great."

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